Thursday, February 14, 2019

How To Make Sure Your Home Is Clean As Well As Tidy

When it comes to looking after our homes, we all tend to dedicate different amounts of time and effort to
maintaining our properties and keeping them presentable. We all also have entirely different ideas of
what is acceptable when it comes to tidiness. Some of us will aspire to showhome style levels of
organization. Others don’t mind a few belongings hanging around. However, when it comes to
cleanliness, we should all be on a similar page. After all, there is a different meaning behind clean and
tidy. So, let’s take a moment to ensure that your property lives up to an excellent hygienic standard!

What’s the Actual Difference Between Clean and Tidy?

When your home is tidy, everything is in its place. You’ve allocated individual spots for individual items,
and they have been replaced there once they’ve been used. The opposite of tidy is messy - when things
are left sprawled around with neither reason nor rhyme. The key to maintaining a neat home is
organization. You should tidy to an extent daily. It requires self-control, but once you get into the habit of
immediately putting things back where they belong, you’ll realize that it’s really not all that much effort.
Cleaning, on the other hand, is making sure that your home is hygienic and a healthy place to live. It
involves removing dirt, dust, grime, and consequent bad odors from all areas of your property. You’d be
surprised how quickly these things build up, so ideally you should carry out a thorough clean of your
home every week. However, spills should be cleaned up immediately, and the kitchen work surfaces
should also be cleaned down daily to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.

Cleaning Floors

Now, the floors are perhaps the area of your property that build up the most dirt. However, as we spend
less time looking at our floors than we do areas that are closer to eye level, we often neglect them. We’d
recommend giving yourself a fresh start and visiting to purchase brand new flooring that
can be kept to a high standard once it has been fitted. Once you have new floors, you can efficiently
manage them by asking people to remove their shoes indoors and conducting
regular and thorough cleaning.

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles

Many people forget to give their bathroom tiles a good regular scrub. This is because we tend to assume
that seeing as they are exposed to water regularly, they will keep clean of their own accord. But this isn’t
necessarily true. These areas can collect damp and mold quickly. So you should wipe them down with
bacteria eliminating wipes at least once a week. Remember to clean between tiles too!

These are just a couple of areas that you should focus on when it comes to ensuring your property is
clean as well as tidy! The steps are simple to carry out, so see to them sooner rather than later for the best results.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

5 Sensible House Goals You Could Be Working Towards This Year

When it comes to our homes, we all have goals. There are always going to be things that you want to
achieve or accomplish. And they never really stop. Because whenever you’ve found yourself that one
goal to work towards, you are then likely to find out that there’s another that you want to move onto, and
then another. Because life does go by quickly. And when it comes to setting and meeting your house
goals, you are going to find that they take time. There’s never really a quick fix in this area. At the same
time, because they take a while to achieve, setting house goals for yourself can seem overwhelming.
They may even be so huge that you avoid doing it at all. So, the way to make this work is to be as
sensible as you can, and then to break them down. Let’s consider a few options to help you here.

1. Sell Your Home

First of all, it might be that you really want to sell your home. Are you running out of room? Or are you
ready to move on up? Then it’s definitely time for you to be thinking about selling your home. But this
may mean that you need to do some tweaks to the decor to bring the value up. The best course of
action is to speak to a realtor and go from there.

2. Renovate

Or maybe you want to do a big renovation job on your home? If it hasn’t been decorated in years, or you moved into a fixer upper that needs work doing, then this should be your focus. Somethings will be easy and superficial. Like fixing up the paintwork and updating the fixtures. But you may also need repair work
to be done or have to work on the structure, which you may also want to budget for. So work out what
kind of budget you’re looking at, and plan in when your renovation can take place.

3. Extend

Another option is for you to get an extension. Again, this is another costly aim. So, you will want to bring
in experts to give you a quote and then make your decisions and budget from there.

4. Buying An Investment Property

If you are already living in a home that you love, and you feel as if you’re running out of personal house
goals, it might be that you want to consider getting an investment property. If this is the case, you’ll want
to speak to a financial expert about how you might be able to make money in this way.

5. Buy Your First Home

Finally, you then might want to think about even buying your first home if you haven’t already. And this is very much a big step. One that can seem impossible to some and so overbearing to others, that they do not know where to start. And sure, it can take a while to save for a home. But if it’s something that you do really want to achieve, then you can make it work. You just need a target, and then you need to break it down and throw everything you have at saving for it. Be smart about this, make it your mission, and you will find that you finally have your first home.

Make Cleaning A Breeze From This Day Forward

Cleaning is a little like marmite. You either love it, or you hate it. Some people love how it can help to
quieten their anxiety and make them feel more grounded and calm. Others hate how much time it takes
and that it is a thankless chore.

If you’re in the latter category, it’s time to make cleaning a breeze. Below we have some ideas that you
can use to stop cleaning being such a pain. Read on to learn what you can do...

Make It Therapeutic
If you’ve ever suffered with anxiety, you’ll know how it can stop you from getting on with normal life. Next
time you feel uneasy, try cleaning as a way to calm yourself down. The process of cleaning can actually
be therapeutic, especially if you put on some music while you do it. Try it, and you might realize that
cleaning isn’t so bad after all.

Get The Whole Family Involved With A Rota
If you have a family, don’t let them sit idly by while you do all of the work for them. Create a rota and get
everybody involved. The great thing about getting kids involved is that they will learn valuable skills from
a young age, and you can get them into good habits so that when they hit their teen years, there aren't
any tantrums about cleaning their rooms or doing the dishes.

Invest In Amazing Products
You don’t need to splash all of your cash on amazing cleaning products to get the job done. Many
budget products are amazing too, but you need to find the products that work for you. Multi purpose
products are great, as they will take up less space in your cupboards and you won’t have to carry as
much with you when cleaning the house. For instance, did you know that fabric softener can be mixed
with water to clean doors without taking the paint off? That’s a tip from the popular Mrs Hinch. She
swears by simple products such as The Pink Stuff, Zoflora, Febreeze spray, Cif wipes, and white vinegar

Invest In Tools That Will Save You Plenty Of Time
As a rule, if something is going to save you time, then it’s a good investment. For example, a dishwasher will get you away from the sink after dinner and spending more time with your family. Then, there’s using the right products in conjunction with your appliances. Using automatic dishwasher gel will ensure everything comes out of there sparkling clean - and using eco friendly products has the added benefit of being kinder to both your cutlery and the environment. Think about the things you do every day and what else could save you more time. People who feel less pressed for time are happier, so don’t think of it as an expense. It’s an investment in your happiness! 

Set Yourself A Goal Each Day
If you commit to doing a little cleaning each day, you’re going to have a better time than doing it once per week. 20-30 minutes or less should do it, and in some cases you may not need to clean for anywhere near that time. Plus, if you get everybody involved as suggested, you will get things done super fast so you can enjoy yourself or relax!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

They Call It FURniture For A Reason

There are few downsides to dog ownership, but fur is one of them. Even with short-haired breeds like
Chihuahuas, an astounding amount of fluff appears around malt time. If you have a long-haired dog, the
struggle is even worse. Before you know, all your furniture could be covered in what seems like a
constant layer of fluff. As much as you love your poochy pals, the strain of that can be tough to deal with.
Before you know, you'll be shutting your house to guests until you can see your furniture again.

That’s no way to live, for you or your dog. It’s past time you found a more efficient way to deal with this
fur issue. The good news is that every pet owner has to deal with this certain times of the year. As a r
esult, there are plenty of solutions for your hour of need. We’re going to look at some of them here to
prove that you needn’t let pet hair keep getting the best of you.

Use blankets

By using blankets during malt season, you can protect your furniture from even the worst fluff. These
don’t even need to bet the high-end, pet-specific options you see on the market. Cheap fleece blankets
will do the job just as well. You can keep these in a cupboard, and use them to cover your furniture the
moment a malt starts. The blankets themselves may still look pretty bad, but at least you can put them
away when you want the house to look nice. By seeking different color blankets dependent on your pet’s
fur, you could limit that damage even further. So, give it a go.
Once you’ve gone blanket,never want to go back.

Invest in furniture which is easy to move around

Even with blankets in place, it can be tricky to keep your furniture clean when you’re out of the house.
Left unchecked, those blankets could soon find themselves on the floor, after all. That’s why it’s also
worth considering furniture which you can move around as you need to. Investing in a seating alternative
like a luxury bean bag chair could well serve you far better than a set sofa would. That’s because you
can take your bean bag out of the room when your dog is left alone there. And, that can ensure no
unpleasant furry patches are waiting for you the next time you sit down.

Stock up on hair removal tools

Despite your best efforts, the chances are that a few hairs are still going to get where they shouldn’t. That’s where fur removal tools come in. There are a few of these on the market and, while they can’t remove copious amounts of hair, they can help with those stray strands. Stick rollers are a classic and obvious option here. There are also new developments on the market like the FURemover Broom. Keep these in the cupboard, and your furniture could soon stay fur-free all year around.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Is A Must See In A.C.

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Atlantic City Robert Ripley's View Them

"Ripley's Believe It or Not!  Odditorium is a collection of strange and bizarre exhibits from around the world. Inside the Odditorium you will find genuine artifacts, interactive exhibits, optical illusions and videos of oddities and curiosities."

Whether you are visiting A.C. for a night out or spending time with your family on the beach for a summer vacation, Ripley's Believe It or Not! is a must see attraction. 

When you first arrive, you will be greeted by one of the friendly staff members who will welcome you into a world of strange and bizarre exhibits.

Trinity warmly welcomed us and shared the details and history of the exhibits and museum itself. You can find ticket information and hours of operation here.

Each exhibit is very detailed and offers you a look at the oddities from around the world.

The helpful thing I noticed on each exhibit was that there was a plaque explaining what exactly you were looking at, some with actual photos, that help you delve into the meaning behind it.

I love that the tour is self guided, meaning you can take your time and take everything in at your leisure! You can spend as much or as little time on any given exhibit and you can take photos making unique memories to keep forever!

It was a fun and amazing experience, making Ripley's Believe It or Not! a must see in A.C.

Be sure to follow them on all their social media sites so that you can keep up to date on all that they offer!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

3 Tips for Personalising Your Home

Image via Pixabay

These days, many of the most popular design aesthetics have taken over and have become
templates that can be found mirrored, more or less identically, into thousands, if not millions of
different homes across the world.

While there are of course certain benefits to particular design styles such as the “Scandinavian
noir” — such as a clean, unified presentation to the home — it is nonetheless the case that
there are certain downsides to sticking to any template too strongly.

Out of all the different downsides that might be considered, the loss of the “personal touch” is
probably the most prevalent issue — or at least, one of the leading ones. Because when all is
said and done, no one really wants their home to feel like a clinical setting that’s come straight
out of a showroom. They want to feel like they actually live there, and have had some input on
their environment.

If you feel like your home could use a bit more of the “personal touch”, here are some tips to

Go through a thorough decluttering process

When you think about “personalising” your home, you may well be thinking about adding extra
features and trinkets, one after the other, to try and create the right “energy” for yourself.

What you should start with, though, is a thorough decluttering process, where you empty your
home of anything that’s neither useful nor emotionally meaningful for you.

Many people fall into the trap of being hoarders, and of submerging their homes in a bottomless
sea of clutter. When you do this, you’re not “personalising” your home. You’re just ensuring that
it’s such a chaotic place that your “personal touch” gets lost in the mess.

Go for craftsmanship rather than mass production

Going for the “personal touch” in your home has a lot to do with putting items in your home that
have some personal story, and ideally, emotional quality, attached to them.

Generally speaking, the items that have this kind of resonance will tend to be things that have
been created as the product of craftsmanship rather than mass production. Things which, in
their own right, have more of the “human touch” to them.

Decorative metal fence panels, a carved oak table, or a bookcase that’s come down to you from
your grandparents, for example, will almost always be more meaningful than something that’s
come in a flat-pack case.

Consider exploring your own creative side and letting that
play a role in how you decorate

One of the clearest and most significant ways of personalising your home is to actually decorate
it with the results of your own creative endeavours.

This might mean that you hang up some paintings or drawings that you’ve created yourself (and
these don’t need to be supremely beautiful works of high art), but it could also mean something
as simple as you laying out your own arrangement of pine cones and autumnal features, collected from outside.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. You’ll likely find it fun and fulfilling, and it can make your
house feel much more like a home.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Dog Walking Hacks Every Self-Respecting Owner Should Know

Dog walking – it couldn’t be easier. Attach the leash, put in your earbuds, and don’t return for fifteen to
twenty-five minutes. What’s difficult about that? In theory, it’s the most straightforward part of being a pet
owner. The only tricky thing is finding the time on a regular basis.

At least, that’s what canine-lovers believe. Truthfully, there’s an art to walking a pooch to ensure you and
the dog don’t get into trouble. As you probably know, there is doo-doo everywhere and you don’t want to
step in it.

Continue reading to find out about the hacks which will help you and your dog.

Let Them Sniff

When they stop every two minutes, it gets annoying. You don’t want to spend all day on a walk so you
prompt them to move along. Although it doesn’t seem like much, it’s preventing them from mental
stimulation. A walk is more than exercise; it’s about exploring. Considering they don’t get many chances
in a day, it’s nice to let them investigate and learn more about their environment. You can decide where
is safe, but if it’s not inappropriate, there’s nothing wrong with allowing them to sniff stuff. Just loosen the
leash and take a break.

Always Pick Up Poop

It’s no secret that dogs like to poop. In the past, people left it in the street and never looked back. Now,
there are fines and penalties are owners who are caught not picking up after their pet. After all, dog
doo-doo is a hazard and can cause blindness if it happens to get into the eyes. Plus, it’s disgusting to
have around the neighborhood where your kids play. By picking it up, you are following the rules and
you're setting an example for others. If fellow dog walkers get the impression it’s okay, they’ll let their
pooch go wild.

Use A Traditional Leash

Retractable leashes feel great because the dog can pull away when it feels uncomfortable. And, the
animal’s comfort is paramount. But, so is its safety and it’s not as secure when you don’t have the same
level of control. Situations will escalate, from running out into traffic to fighting with other dogs. The last
thing anybody expects on a walk is to call a dog bite law firm for legal advice. Thanks to a traditional
leash, pet owners are able to avoid nasty accidents and ensure their dog’s security. Once they’re off the
main street, you can cut them some slack.

Bring I.D

It seems weird yet it’s a backup in case the worst happens. Sometimes, dogs get loose and run off as
the feeling of freedom intoxicates them. If this ever happens, you need to get the animal back safe and
sound as quickly as possible. With doggy identification, anyone who spots your canine should get in
touch and return it to you. A collar is enough as long as it has a name, an address, and a contact

See, walking a dog isn’t as basic as it appears.