Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut If You Have Your Vaccine?!?!?!

There is much debate about the covid shot and if people should get it or want it. What's best is divided it seems, but if you are somebody who got your shot and have your card, bring it in to Krispy Kreme for a free glazed donut. Krispy Kreme is supporting the vaccine and showing their support during this pandemic for those vaccinated. All you have to do is show your vaccine card.

Make America Smart Again: Keeping Our Minds Sharp Amid the Pandemic

  Stephen King warned us of the horrors of seclusion. Of all the villains that trap the protagonists in The Shining, Gerald's Game, and In the Tall Grass, isolation is what ultimately gets them. With loneliness messing with the mind, the isolated person becomes a threat to everyone, including themselves. When the pandemic struck, we witnessed these horrors ourselves.  Suicide among school children   escalated to alarming rates. Reports of  anxiety attacks increased , affecting people of all ages.   Aside from putting a strain on our mental health, the lockdown also impaled our cognition. With hours spent on nothing but mindless internet surfing while Netflix plays in the background, your brain could gradually rot without notice.   How Doing Nothing Can Affect Cognition When news of the quarantine broke, we were like hamsters left out on the street. We basically didn't know what to do. For a week or so, everything was on pause.And so, for days, we didn't do anythin

Home Problems to Prepare for This Summer

  Image from Pexels - CC0 License Summer has its positives, but there can also be a few home issues that you can find yourself dealing with when you're at home. As things start to heat up, summer can bring various problems that affect your home and your life. From an overheating house to summer pests trying to get into your home, you can find yourself battling with some pretty annoying things. However, being well-prepared can help you to avoid some of these issues. If you know what you might have to deal with when summer arrives, you can prevent some problems from happening or be ready to address them when necessary. Summer Pests The warm weather can bring out a variety of pests that might want to come into your home. Prevention is the best route to take if you want to avoid pests, so think about how to keep them out of your home . Plug any small gaps or cracks where they might be able to get in. For example, check the caulking around windows and doors to make sure everything is s

Free Subscription Elle Magazine

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Free Mane 'n Tail

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Brighten Up Your Walls With Photowall!

 This blog contains affiliate posts and sponsored links. Please check out my disclosure policy for more details. Have a spot in your home where you can't figure out exactly what to put there? Want to make an accent wall but you aren't sure how? Photowall has the most awesome prints!  With beautiful colors and designs, you are sure to find something you like. We all have different taste, different color schemes and themes in our homes. It's so fun perusing their website and checking out all of their items.  I'm in love with the idea of being able to create any design to go with your ideas and vision in your own home. It doesn't matter what you choose, because you can still dress it up as seen in the pic here. It's so fun to pick and decide what you want, but it's even more fun when you complete it and enjoy the look in your home. If you like a print, you can also choose a canvas (framed also) instead of an entire wall. There's so many options to choose f

Free Book For Garden Lovers!

  If you love gardening here is a great free book for you! The Gardener's Idea Book is sent free to your home, I ordered mine. Get yours here . Would love to see your inspirations for gardening! Follow me over on Instagram and show me some of your pics on gardening!