Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Cat Litter!

There are so many cat litters out there, but I like the ones that have natural ingredients without harsh chemicals or perfumes. Sometimes it seems they mix together and create an awful smell. That's why I was super excited to try the Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Walnut Based Multi Cat Quick Clumping Litter. It was delivered to my door from Chewy.com quickly and I switched out the litter and put it on trial!

Since this is a walnut based litter, I was curious to see how it would hold odor. I can honestly say it clumped together well and there was little "fallout" around the litter box from them going in and out and scratching.

If you're curious as to walnut based litter and the looks of it, here it is:

Since it's 100% natural, I was 100% comfortable having my cats use it! There were no issues with them not wanting to use it and didn't even act like it was anything different!

It's made in the USA from homegrown walnut shells, how awesome is that right?! I was happy to know that!

My cats are happy with it in their litter boxes too! No worries for them, all play.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

GoMacro® Receives Certified R.A.W.™ and Certified C.L.E.A.N.™ Classification for All Products *Giveaway*

I have blogged about GoMacro before and I have great news! They recently contacted me to let me know that they have been certified R.A.W & C.L.E.A.N.

So what does that mean???? Here's the definitions below:

Certified R.A.W.™

Real: 100% safe, must be 100% non-GMO and a majority of the ingredients must be organic.

Alive: ingredients must have a high amount of bio-available enzymes.

Whole: minimally processed, (below 212 degrees) and must have a high ANDI nutrient score. 

Certified C.L.E.A.N.™

Conscious: or safe ingredients, based on compliance standards.

Live: minimally processed (below 212 degrees) and organically grown ingredients.

Ethical: ingredients must be100% non-GMO and humanely manufactured.

Active: ingredients must have a high amount of bio-available enzymes.

Nourishing: as determined by ANDI Score. 

I'm super excited about this because I love the GoMacro brand and their products. It's important to me for my family to eat healthy and that includes snacks and food on the go! The thing I love most about the bars that I've had is that they are not only healthy but so easy to take with you on the go. They fit in your purse, glove compartment and pocket! They are individually wrapped and come in a variety of flavors. Great for car rides!

I received a box and, as usual, ate them all. I love each flavor and it's hard to pick a favorite.

They are extremely moist and delicious! Packed with flavor and ingredients that are good for you!

You can view all of their products here.

In celebrating this amazing milestone the kind folks at GoMacro have offered a box to one lucky winner! 

Giveaway is US only.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Gatekeepers Book Review

Image result for the gatekeepers book white house

It isn't every day that I read a book on politics. I'm usually a supernatural/thriller/horror/mystery type. There was something about this though that intrigued me.

The book is well written. It's easy to read, especially for someone who doesn't really follow politics like me, it's relatable.

It explains the role in the White House in a way that you never even thought about. It captivates the reader and makes you want to keep reading more. It was hard to put the book down!

If you are like me, not so into politics, you can learn a lot from this book and it isn't boring! I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn about how things work inside the White House, or someone who is into politics.

"What do Dick Cheney and Rahm Emanuel have in common? Aside from polarizing personalities, both served as chief of staff to the president of the United States—as did Donald Rumsfeld, Leon Panetta, and a relative handful of others. The chiefs of staff, often referred to as "the gatekeepers," wield tremendous power in Washington and beyond; they decide who is allowed to see the president, negotiate with Congress to push POTUS's agenda, and—most crucially—enjoy unparalleled access to the leader of the free world. Each chief can make or break an administration, and each president reveals himself by the chief he picks. 

Through extensive, intimate interviews with all seventeen living chiefs and two former presidents, award-winning journalist and producer Chris Whipple pulls back the curtain on this unique fraternity. In doing so, he revises our understanding of presidential history, showing us how James Baker’s expert managing of the White House, the press, and Capitol Hill paved the way for the Reagan Revolution—and, conversely, how Watergate, the Iraq War, and even the bungled Obamacare rollout might have been prevented by a more effective chief. 

Filled with shrewd analysis and never-before-reported details, The Gatekeepers offers an essential portrait of the toughest job in Washington."

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Mrs. Meyer's Honeysuckle Body Wash!

Every now and then a product comes along that is amazing! This, is one of them. You know that I don't like anything with harsh chemicals and I believe that all natural is better. Mrs Meyer's products are just that!

I received a bottle of the amazing scent "Honeysuckle" in the body wash formula. As soon as I opened the cap I could smell it. So sweet and clean.

There are a lot of added benefits to this product because there aren't harsh ingredients. It softens skin with Aloe Vera Gel and essential oils. 

It's very gentle on your skin and leaves it smooth and soft.

It lathered very nicely and felt good on my skin. After, I could still smell the amazing honeysuckle scent since it lingered nicely!

It's cruelty free which is important and they offer so many amazing products. Be sure to check them out!

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Bailey's 30 Day Challenge Update!

You might remember my first post on Bailey's 30 day challenge with Chewy.com regarding the Tylee's Human Grade Food. If not, you can read it here.

I wanted to update you on how it's going!

When I opened the bag Bailey was excited! I was happy that I could see the vegetables! There were no tiny pieces, plain as day there they were! 

It was extremely easy to make for her. I just defrosted the food for her, that's it! She got human grade food without me having to cook it! Also, I didn't have to worry about any "dog food" smell, actually I couldn't smell anything at all!

Bailey seems to have more energy and (TMI) her stool is more regimented. The food seems to keep her going normally, no diarrhea or loose stool. 

Stay tuned for my final thoughts on this food and any other benefits I notice!

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