Thursday, July 20, 2017

Blue Buffalo Variety Pack For Your Cats

My cats love canned food and I know that the moisture is good for them since cats don't always drink water when they are thirsty, apparently they don't "know" when they are somewhat dehydrated like a dog does. Knowing there's a chance of my cat not drinking enough, giving them canned food helps keep them hydrated, but not all canned food is good for them!

Just like humans, cats have "junk food" that isn't nutritious. When offered to send my "crew" some canned food from Blue Buffalo Wilderness I was excited. I knew the name and knew they had nutritious food. I received the variety pack for them:

Offers natural ingredients, protein rich meat & several flavors.

It's made in the US and is great for cats with allergies because it doesn't contain any wheat, corn, grain, soy or artificial ingredients.

None of my cats had a preference they loved every flavor, so when a stray kitten came up onto my property, I had to offer her the best too!

Ordering from is simple and they offer quick shipping! Be sure to check them out!

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Loving Cat Gives Massage

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Date Day With Hubby Vlog

Fresh Step, Keeping Our House Fresh!

Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control Hawaiin Aloha Scent Cat Litter Keeps Your House Smelling Fresh!

It's hard keeping your house smelling fresh and clean when you have litter boxes! It seems that no matter how many times you clean them, even fresh litter can sometimes have a chemical smell. That's why I was so happy when sent me Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control Hawaiin Aloha Scent Cat Litter.

I tend to use air fresheners (sprays) in the room that I have their litter boxes in because I don't want to smell "litter", even when the boxes are clean! I love the fact that this is all in one! When I opened the box it actually smelled good! It didn't smell like litter at all! It also uses Febreze to eliminate odors your cat my "deposit" in the box.

It clumped very well which made cleanup easy. When I first put it in the box, there wasn't a lot of dust like some litters and that was a plus.  I would highly recommend this especially in a multi-cat house.

You can order this easy from and have it shipped to your house in two days! 

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Friday, July 14, 2017

The Captains Daughter Book Review

The Captain’s Daughter

The first page of this book reeled me in! It started off interesting and didn't disappoint. I love historical type stories if they are fiction or not and reading a historical romance story was fun. If you like the Victorian Era you should check out this book!

It was easy to read and was fun to cuddle up and immerse myself in. The author writes in a way that really draws the reader in. I would recommend it to anybody.

The Captain’s Daughter (Bethany House, June 2017)
Warm-hearted Victorian romance brings 1880s London to life.
When a series of circumstances beyond her control leave Rosalyn Bernay alone and penniless in London, she chances upon a job backstage at a theater that is presenting the most popular show in London. A talented musician and singer, she feels immediately at home and soon becomes enthralled with the idea of pursuing a career on the stage.
A hand injury during a skirmish in India has forced Nate Moran out of the army until he recovers. Filling his time at a stable of horses for hire in London, he has also spent the past two months working nights as a stagehand, filling in for his injured brother. Although he’s glad he can help his family through a tough time, he is counting the days until he can rejoin his regiment. London holds bitter memories for him that he is anxious to escape. But then he meets the beautiful woman who has found a new lease on life in the very place Nate can’t wait to leave behind.

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