Friday, May 26, 2017

Brave Is The New Beautiful Book Review

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Lee Wolfe Blum is an energetic and passionate speaker who loves to help women find hope in healing from perfectionism and addictions. She works as a mental health practitioner in the field of Eating Disorders and Chemical Dependency. She lives in Minnesota with her husband and three boys.

Our culture bombards women with “thinspiration” messages and pressure to “do it all” while wearing the mask of perfection. 
Women are left feeling alone and overwhelmed. How can they stop comparing themselves to others? How can they live out who they really are?
Lee Wolfe Blum offers stories from everyday women who have answered these questions with their lives—and found true beauty in the process. In Brave Is the New Beautiful, Blum weaves reflections from her own journey with inspirational stories from everyday women who chose to take off their masks and live authentically. Through call-to-action questions and ideas, she encourages readers to be brave enough to be who they really are and the beloved that God knows they are.

Brave Is the New Beautiful

This is a truly encouraging read. If you need a new book to lift you up, this is it. That author writes this book as if she is talking to a friend, the reader. It's a powerful and uplifting read full of inspiration and dreams. 

We all get "down" once in a while and doubt ourselves, but this book shows us to believe in ourselves and see beauty in an otherwise unpretty world. The cover of the book is eye catching and the book itself is a great read.

Bailey Is A New Girl On Alaskan Salmon Oil!

There are few products that really work well to the point where results are super quick, this is a product that does that! The American Journey Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is a liquid dog supplement that you can put on their food.

This helps promote skin and coat health in your dog. It also offers immune system boosts by being composed of wild caught Alaskan Salmon and contains Omega-3's which also help with smoothing out the coat of your dog.

Available at it can be shipped to your door in two days once ordered! Bailey loved and it and I loved that I could see a difference in her coat and over all well being. She seemed happier, not as itchy with dry skin and just felt better! We plan on keeping her on this!

All I did was squirt it on her food because it comes in a convenient squirt type bottle (like a ketchup bottle you would use) so there is no mess or drips.

This is an amazing supplement that I feel works wonders for Bailey and I would recommend it to anyone for their dog!

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The List Is A Great Gift Idea For Any Graduate!

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Image result for the list book yuval

  • Already an international best seller 
  • Children grow up hearing make a wish, keep it secret – wrong! - the secret is to shout it out!  
  • Based on author’s amazing true life story
Finally available for the first time in the U.S., The List: Shout Your Dreams Out Loud To Make Them Come True By Yuval Abramovitz (Skyhorse Publishing, April 2017 is a unique book full of practical advice and inspiration that will help you achieve your goals. Already an international bestseller, the book began as a blog post written when the author was a teenager unable to walk, listing 10 things Abramovitz wanted to accomplish in 400 days. He posted the list on his blog and asked for help—and within 24 hours was overwhelmed by responses. Refreshingly honest, fast-paced, and full of humor, the key idea is as simple as it is powerful—let others know about your dreams and they will help you achieve them.

“When we see a falling star, we make a secret wish. When an eyelash falls out, we make a secret wish. Even on our birthday, our happiest day, we blow out the candles and make a secret wish. Why secret? Who actually hears our wish if it whispers only inside our heart? Why shouldn’t we ask out loud, in the presence of those surrounding us, for our dreams and wishes to come true? Let others know about your dreams and they will help you achieve them.” - Yuval Abramovitz

Why do some people succeed where others fail? What makes some push past their financial hardships while others lag behind? What is holding you back? Abramovitz provides thought-provoking true stories, tips, insights, and techniques including details on how to finance dreams, move past roadblocks, ask and receive help, and reach even the loftiest of goals.

Filled with exercises and prompts, The List helps make dreams a reality. The author’s journey—from writing his first list in a wheelchair to becoming a well-known author, cultural reporter, actor, and media personality—and the stories of people around the world using his method to achieve success prove that this is a motivational book that truly works.

The book is based on Abramovitz’ true-life story. 
At 16-years-old, a work accident left him paralyzed, but he amazingly recovered within one year, returning to full physical capacity in contrast to the predictions of his doctors, who’d told him he’d never walk again. During the long recovery process, he began to make lists of all the things he wanted to accomplish in life. Abramovitz believes it is because of his lists that he stood up just days after his injury and he has been writing ever since.
The List is practical, not spiritual, although it does contain some spiritual elements. While it has often been compared to The Secret, a book for self-fulfillment that speaks about positive thinking and imagining a life of abundance, The List is the next step - encouraging action on thought and providing the instruction for making dreams come true. 
The blog turned into a successful and sought-after lecture, heard by over a quarter of a million people to date. The lecture then turned into a book that soon became a bestseller. The List is translated into French, Dutch and Chinese and published in more than 15 countries.

“The List changed my life!  I met my wife using Yuvi’s techniques. His message, that essentially, people are good and want to help when asked, so they feel they are important, is so true.”   –Meidad Pariente, CTO, Sky and Space Global

About Yuval AbramovitzYuval Abramovitz, 40, is a journalist for Israel Today, one of Israel’s leading newspapers, where he interviews celebrities and personalities from around the world including Leonardo DeCaprio, Bruce Willis, Woody Allen and many more. He is the author of eight best-selling books (three fiction and five from The List series, of which two are children’s). He is also an actor appearing in theater and on several successful television series in more than 600 episodes. He hosts a radio show, owns a gift shop, and has delivered more than 450 lectures internationally, including TEDx, as a motivational speaker on the topic of making dreams come true. He tours the U.S. every three months, speaking to business, community and cultural groups. He has two daughters and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

This is a perfect gift for a new grad! It's an inspiring book with details that have the ability to help change your life! It reads in a way that takes the reader on a realistic journey of knowing that they can do anything they aspire if they put their mind to it!

It's a very practical book and not written with high expectations that cannot be achieved. It's perfect for putting your mind to something and setting that goal, knowing you can obtain it.

If you are looking for a practical and inspiring gift for that grad in your life, look no further!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Check Out My New Glasses & Special Gift For You!

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Hey guys, you all know that I have to wear eyeglasses most of the time. They can be a great way to accessorize your wardrobe and be fashionable, but they also need to be comfortable. The glasses frames that are available to choose from are amazing! There are so many different styles to choose from, including prescription sunglasses! I love the options with

I chose the Novia Cat Eye style in black/clear.

I love the vintage/retro look of the cat eye! The color makes it easy to pair them with any outfit to dress up or down!

They are extremely comfortable and lightweight! It's as if I don't even have them on! Also, the ear pieces were a perfect fit! It didn't dig into the side of my head or leave marks. I absolutely love these glasses! 

If you are in the market for new glasses (prescription or not), be sure to check out the links above. All their glasses are affordable and stylish. Fast shipping and an easy to use website!

Now, onto the best part! You can get 50% OFF your purchase using code GSHOT50. With their prices already being affordable this is a great deal! 

City Of Miracles The Divine Cities Book Review

Written by Robert Jackson Bennett, I can honestly say the book is a favorite of mine. I read it super quickly and it's actually funny. I found humor, drama & love all in this book. Since this is a "series" book, I would recommend reading the first two books as well. 

It kept me interested and intent on the story. It's a book that most people can relate to and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good read.

"Revenge. It’s something Sigrud je Harkvaldsson is very, very good at. Maybe the only thing. 
So when he learns that his oldest friend and ally, former Prime Minister Shara Komayd, has been assassinated, he knows exactly what to do—and that no mortal force can stop him from meting out the suffering Shara’s killers deserve. 
Yet as Sigrud pursues his quarry with his customary terrifying efficiency, he begins to fear that this battle is an unwinnable one. Because discovering the truth behind Shara’s death will require him to take up arms in a secret, decades-long war, face down an angry young god, and unravel the last mysteries of Bulikov, the city of miracles itself. And—perhaps most daunting of all—finally face the truth about his own cursed existence."

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