Monday, May 20, 2019

SummerSox, The Easy Fix For Summer Heels!

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It's that time of year again, where we want to wear our cute heels for summer and all those summer weddings. Let's face it though, they aren't exactly comfortable! Why can't we love the way our shoes look AND feel? What if I told you it's possible? YES it is :)

SummerSox are flat socks that fit into your shoes to provide extra comfort for your feet, all the while protecting your shoes from the oils in your skin. Ever wear your shoes without socks and notice after you took them off that the insides looked a little dingy? Well, SummerSox not only provides you all day comfort but protects the insides of your shoes from your feet (sweating, oils, friction etc) which are all things that can lessen the condition of your shoes.

These are an absolute must for all you fellow shoe lovers out there. It's literally an investment in your feet and shoes! Not only that, but they are washable and re-usable. Making this product even more amazing!

They stay in place and don't slide around at all! And nobody even knows you're wearing them :)

Here's my "Peep Toe Heels" by Jessica Simpson. I wanted to make sure my feet were comfortable as I was going to be wearing them a while, but I also wanted to protect my shoes from any damage from being in them all day and sweating etc. (I know gross right?) You can't even tell I'm wearing them, and they are super soft and comfortable!

You would never know I was actually comfortable in these!

I can't say enough about this great product. Actually, yes I can! Right now they are having a sale, if you buy three you get the fourth pair FREE and FREE SHIPPING!

Be sure to check out SummerSox on Facebook and keep up to date on all their latest. 

Do you have any pet peeves with those cute heels that you think this product would solve for you? I couldn't be happier with these!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

4 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Happy

Image via Pixabay

As every pet owner can attest – having a pet is like having another member of the family. The animals we
share our homes and lives with forge strong connections with us, and we with them. We end up becoming
aware of their idiosyncrasies, and forging strong emotional bonds. And these bonds generally go both
ways – at least with certain types of pets.

After all, everyone's heard stories of faithful dogs who travelled hundreds of miles to find their lost

Bearing this in mind, it's only natural that we want our pets to not only be as healthy as possible, but also
as happy as possible, in our company. But of course, our pets can't tell us in so many words what it is that
makes them happy, and first-time pet owners may struggle with identifying the best ways to treat their
animal companions in order to make their lives as rich and fulfilling as possible.

So, on that note, here are a few simple primers for keeping your pet happy.

  1. Look out for any irregular behaviour, as it might signal a health or mood issue

The longer you've had your pet for, the more you will come to recognise their normal quirks,
personalities, and behaviour patterns. It's important to keep an eye on how your pet is behaving from day
to day, because any irregular behaviour might signal a health or mood issue.

Generally, these sorts of behavioural anomalies will be the kinds of things you can spot from a mile off.
Sometimes, however, – especially when you are stressed at work, or are otherwise distracted – you can
miss some of the more subtle signs.

It might be that you could benefit from exploring new pet technology that helps you to track things like
your pet's sleep habits, heart rate, and activity levels. As a rule, though, you should "schedule" a
reasonable chunk of time each day to spend with your pet, so that you can pay attention to how they are
behaving, as well as to enjoy the company.

If you do notice any irregular behaviour on the part of your pet, consider taking them down to the vet for
a checkup.

  1. Spend a good deal of time interacting with your pet – and provide opportunities for them to interact with other animals of their type

Almost all varieties of pets will bond with their owners, and will rely on interaction with their owners in
order to maintain good emotional health.

Some pets are more naturally social, and so will rely more heavily on this kind of direct interaction, in
order to be happy and feel fulfilled in life. Dogs are the classic example of this, being pack animals, and
needing a high degree of regular engagement and interaction with their owners. Dogs who are neglected
become depressed and agitated.

Aside from interaction with you, however, it's often important to provide regular opportunities for your
pets to interact with other animals of their type. This could mean taking your dog down to dog parks, or
getting a companion cat for your cat to interact with.

As mentioned a moment ago; not all animals that you might have as pets are equally social, but if in
doubt, it's good to err on the side of giving them companionship.

  1. Feed your pet a diet that is as close as possible to their natural template

Many household pets become fat, in part because their owners indulge them by feeding them morsels from their plates at meal times. In fact, this can be extremely bad for pets, as many of the foods that we
enjoy are indigestible, and sometimes even poisonous, to animals.

Every animal has a natural diet template that is roughly what they evolved to eat – and even dogs, who
have been selectively bred for a long time, do much better on certain types of food than others.

In order to keep your pets as happy as possible, you should do what you can to feed them a diet that is as
close as possible to the natural template they are adapted to.

This isn't always cheap – but paying for more "luxurious" and carefully formulated foods will generally
make them a lot healthier, and make them feel better, than providing them with kibble.

  1. Be sure to give your pet plenty of regular exercise

If you own a pet sloth, it probably doesn't need very much in the way of exercise. For most other pets,
though, ranging from hamsters to dogs and cats, a substantial amount of exercise is necessary for them to
be healthy, and to feel good.

Cats generally do a good job of exercising themselves if they are allowed to roam around. For dogs,
however, it's simply a duty of yours to take them for regular walks.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Can You Travel The World With Your Family?

When you’re someone that loves to travel, it’s safe to say that you’re going to want to travel as much as
you can. Whether you love to go on relaxing holidays, or you prefer to explore the world in a different
way, it’s something that you’ll love to spend your time and money on. However, when you have other
commitments in life, you may find yourself wondering if you’re ever going to be able to travel as much as
you might like. When you work out how you can work in a way that allows you to travel, the next step is
for you to then figure out whether you can travel as a family or not. This may not be long term, but if you
do want to explore different corners of the world with your partner, children, or even your parents, then
you have some figuring out to do. Let’s take a look.

Finding The Time

To start with, you absolutely need to make sure that you can find the time to be able to ravel. So do
you need to get time off of work? Do you need or travel when the schools are out? Or are you going to
home school?

Saving Up

The next kind of resource that you need to do here, is money! Because when you’re someone that
wants to travel regularly, it can be tough. But you don’t have scrimp and save to do it – you could look
to earn more too. But you will want to work out whether this is something that you can afford, and how
you’re going to do it.

Child-Friendly Trips

When you are traveling with small children, you’ll often want to make sure that the entire trip is child-
friendly – if not, it may not be as enjoyable for you either! So research the right hotels, call ahead to
confirm, and make sure that you find things to do too.

Making Travel Accessible

But when you are looking to travel with your parents or your entire family, then it may be the case that it
needs to be a bit more accessible. When your elderly parents aren’t as mobile as they once were, you
need to think about how you can make travel as enjoyable and as easy as possible for them. Do you
need to look into specific hotels or walking canes for the trip? Do you need to make some changes? Either way, bear this in mind.

Choosing The Best Possible Locations

Finally, the very last thing that you’re going to want to keep in mind here, is exactly where you’re going.
And this isn’t quite the same as going on child-friendly trips either. Because not every parent will want
kid-friendly hotels or attractions. However, it is important to make sure that the locations you go to suit
your family or the needs that you have at the time. Avoiding dangerous areas, or locations that will be
difficult for the elderly is important. Then, you can focus on just having a great trip.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Could You Ever Settle Down in a Far-East Asian Country?

It’s not every day that we get the opportunity to move to a completely different country, but if you’re ever
presented with the chance, such as moving with a future partner or having an employment opportunity,
would you take it? We often think or talk about how we need to take advantage of opportunities in life
when they come, but something so different and exotic as moving to another country on the other side of
the world could be something that is too challenging to cope with.

But what if there was a way to motivate yourself to take such an opportunity? In this article, we’re going
to talk about how you can settle in another country that is far from what you’re used to and also some of
the benefits that it comes with.

Experience Another Life

It’s not unusual to feel like you’re missing out in life. After all, the world is a huge place and if your
exposure has mainly been confined to Western cultures and mannerisms, then you’re definitely missing
out far-east Asia. However, countries like Indonesia, Japan and China simply can’t be depicted in their
entirety through documentaries and shows alone. It takes living there to truly experience what life is like
on the other side of the world.

If you’re tired of your current life or want to broaden your horizons and explore new opportunities, then
settling down in another country, even if only temporary, can be a fantastic way to expand your
worldview and create a completely new idea of what life means to you. You’ll meet new friends,
learn new skills.

Learning Another Language is Easier Than You Think

One of the main barriers that prevent people from moving to another country is the language one. Many
people think that learning a language takes years of time and practice, but the reality is that it’s not as
difficult or stressful as you think. If you think about how you learned your main language, it’s unlikely that
you spent years studying when you were barely a child just to pick up some simple phrases and words.
Instead, learning a language requires you to be exposed to the language and for you to use it constantly.

So if you’re planning on moving to a far-east Asian country, don’t let the language barrier bring you
down. Instead, understand that learning a language with a purpose in mind is perhaps one of the easiest
ways to become fluent, and exposing yourself to the language on a very regular basis can drastically
improve your proficiency.

Accommodation Can Be Inexpensive

There are many accommodation options that will suit any budget and requirement. Whether you’re living
temporarily and only need a rented apartment or if you’re looking for realtors that sell cheap land so you can build your own place, there are plenty of ways to get settled. We advise that you speak to estate
agents, realtors or property developers in the country that you plan to settle in. The prices can fluctuate
wildly depending on which country you choose, but as long as you’re thorough about looking at your
options, you’ll find that it’s surprisingly cheap to settle.

Keep in mind that there are going to be laws and regulations regarding who can rent and who can
purchase a property. If possible, get in touch with a lawyer or attorney that can speak fluently in your
main language to make communications easier and so that you get a better understanding of those

Having Goals in Life

Whether it’s having house goals, career goals or generally anything to work towards, moving to another
country can help you achieve those goals or even become the goal itself. Far-east Asian countries are
incredibly diverse and have plenty of opportunities for new businesses. Certain countries in the region
are still considered developing, meaning that there are countless goals you can set to help you live a
more fulfilling lifestyle.

Being able to start an entirely new life can help you organize your lifestyle and get you motivated to do
something new. That’s why settling down in another country, especially as distant as far-east Asia, isn’t
as difficult or scary as you might think. In fact, it’s surprisingly effective at helping you find a new purpose
in life and improve your wellbeing. While it can be daunting, there are plenty of resources to help you
out and there are many opportunities to take advantage of.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Transforming Your Outdoor Space For The Summer

As the warmest months of the year come about, being able to enjoy the outdoor space that you
have is important. There are a few things therefore that you can do to transform your outdoor
space for the summer.

Install A Water Feature
When it comes to adding a showstopper, a water feature will make any outdoor space look impressive and they don’t have to cost a fortune. Perhaps you like the idea of a small water
fountain in the corner or even go the whole way and install a pond. Make sure you have the right
skills to do it yourself and if you don’t then make sure you get the professionals in, instead of
trying yourself. If you need some inspiration for water features in general, then is a good place to start.

Replant Dead Plants
So you might not be the most adventurous or attentive when it comes to planting flowers or
looking after plants in your outdoor space. But that’s ok because most are cheap to just replace.
Dead plants don’t look appealing, and so they can affect the appearance of your garden. Replant
any that have sadly gone to plant heaven and if you don’t spend a lot of time gardening, then find
plants that will last and don’t need a considerable amount of water or care on a daily basis. Make
sure you also think about planting flowers in relation to where your garden gets the most
sunlight and avoid shaded areas that get nothing all day.

Add Textures
Adding textures to your outdoor space is going to give it more depth, rather than just completely
covering the entire space with grass. So opt for a variety of different materials, whether you go
for marble or stone tiling or separate areas with small stones or bark. The outdoor space is a
chance for you to experiment and to see what works the best for you. Decking is also a great
option for adding another level to the space.

New Garden Furniture
If you have nowhere to sit in your outdoor space then that will already make you not want to go
outdoors and enjoy your space. Outdoor furniture has become a lot more popular and now
extends further than just the humble wooden bench. You can now get five, six seater sofas that
are waterproof and make for a great social space, perhaps where you can chuck in a fire pit in
the middle to keep everyone warm in the cooler evenings. There are also swings that look very
inviting when placed under trees and you might want to elevate some of your plants and flowers
by bedding them into a piece of garden furniture like a decorative wheelbarrow as an example.

As summer rolls around, many of us will be slapping on the suntan lotion and tanning
ourselves, relaxing in our gardens. And you can do the same if you give your outdoor space
that little bit more attention.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Only Decluttering Advice You’ll Ever Need

Clutter makes a home look messy. It makes it harder to clean and research has shown that it is not good
for your mental health. You will feel better in a clean and tidy home, and now is the time to start

Forget the excuses. Forget saving things because they might be useful one day. These are reasons that
are stopping you from moving forward to a healthier and happier home. You may be surprised by the
difference getting rid of clutter makes, so stop delaying and get started right now.

Try The 12-Month Test

Start by going through your cupboards and closets and find things that have not been worn or
used for 12 months or more. If they have sat hidden away for so long you really have to ask yourself if
you need to keep them. The clothes that no longer fit could be sent to a charity shop and could benefit
someone else. In fact, you should have two trash bags with you. One should be for things that can be
passed on and the other for things that need to be thrown away.

You may be surprised by just how much rubbish you have accumulated and shoved out of sight at some
point. In fact, you could have so much trash that you need to consider the
suppliers offering the best price on skip hire. A skip will be so much simpler to put the rubbish in and the
alternative could be quite a few trips to a landfill site.

Go From Room To Room

By decluttering your cupboards and closets first, you will have created much space inside them. Now
you can go from room to room and take a look at everything that is sitting about. Can it be put away?
Should it go to the charity shop or in the skip that is sitting outside your home?

In will be amazing how much work surface you suddenly find you have spare in your kitchen, how much
larger your bathroom looks and how your bedroom is more inviting.  
Your home will feel as though it has been given a new lease of life and will feel better to be in, just for the
sake of getting rid of the things that are no longer needed.

Keep It That Way

Once you have put so much effort into decluttering your home, you need to educate yourself and your
family to keep it that way. Clutter builds very quickly but it can be avoided. After meals, encourage
everyone to put their plates and cutlery in the dishwasher rather than leaving it lying about. When they
change their clothes they should put the ones they have removed back into their closet or in the laundry
basket ready for washing.

Don’t keep magazines and newspapers for months, and have somewhere to keep the mail until you
have time to open it. These things take no more than a minute or two but can go a long way to keeping
your home free from clutter.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Miami Vacation: 4 Essential Things To See And Do

Picture by Webtop1

If you’re deciding where to go on vacation this summer, you should consider Miami as one of your
options. With its reputation for beautiful beaches, great nightlife, an abundance of museums, attractions,
and venues to visit, you will always be entertained. With there being something to satisfy all ages and
groups of people; be it friends, families, or couples looking for a getaway, each individual is spoilt for
choice. If you’re stuck where to begin to plan your travels and what to see and do, here are a few ideas
to get you started.

Miami Seaquarium

One of Miamis renowned and favorite tourist attractions is the Seaquarium. You can awe at the penguins
and sea turtles or take a seat and watch one of the incredible marine shows featuring dolphins and Sea
Lions! This is the perfect setting for entertainment to suit families. And the fun doesn't stop there, with
the opportunity to take a paddle in the Dolphin Harbour you can swim amongst dolphins! At the
Seaquarium you will have the chance to make memories to treasure forever.


Why not familiarize yourself with the area by hiring your very own boat. With boat rental Miami fit to suit
all budgets, requirements, and activities, it’s an attainable activity that won’t break the bank. Here all the
things you can get up to while hiring your very own boat and captain in Miami.

  • Sail on the cusp of Miami sightseeing
  • Hire a boat with its very own BBQ to enjoy some grub onboard as you take in the view
  • Pick a captain to take you on some historical tours
  • Park the boat somewhere picturesque and peaceful to go fishing

You should book a boat for your trip to Miami, whether to entertain the kids, impress your other half, or
have a little on sea party with friends.

South Beach

If you’ve glanced at what Miami has to offer already, you’ll probably at some point or another have heard
talk of South Beach being the attraction spot for all things glamorous. This is the spot where everything's
happening, from celebrity chef-run restaurants to pumping nightlife, it's an excellent place for friends and
couples to dine and dance.

The Vizcaya Museum And Gardens

Initially erected in 1916 to provide a winter retreat to visitors, this villa was built with the Italian
Renaissance in mind, and now luckily for us, the home, and formal gardens are open to the public for
viewing. There is a fabulous guided tour of the mansion where you can linger and absorb the fine decor
and furnishings each room has to offer. So if luxury culture and history are what interests you, a trip to
The Vizcaya is for you.

Explore beyond the four options above to fill your schedule with all that Miami has to offer. Such as, plan
to take a trip to Ocean Drive for the day, dedicate a spending spree at the Lincoln Road Mall or take a
dive in the tropical Venetian Pool. There is plenty to see and do, so start booking and planning your stay.