Want To Become A Blogger? The Truth About Blogging!

I love blogging and have been doing so for quite a long time. There are so many ways you can earn additional income with this by using different platforms to get paid blogging opportunities. It's amazing to work with various brands as a blogger because not only do you get to make contacts with new people but some of those people become friends. It's a great online community and I love it!

Working from home I get to spend time with my precious pups and having them snuggled in while I'm typing away is so rewarding. It makes us both happy, so if you have children or fur babies, you know what I mean!

There are a lot of spam type emails that you receive as a blogger, people asking you to post things for free or share their content without wanting to pay for advertising. That is the one major downfall to this. You have to work with reputable people who are looking to mutually benefit from your collaboration with them. Sometimes those "spammy" type emails can be rather an…

FREE Cat Food For Your Kitty!

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Make a Parking Lot Earn You More Money

Starting a parking lot business in a busy area with limited parking can be a smart decision. Car parks are needed near commercial areas, like airports, hospitals, schools, or basically anywhere that attracts a big crowd. However, if you don't know how to start one and make it successful, we're here to help. We'll teach you how to build a parking lot business, from the cost of buying a lot to staffing and security.
How much profit can a parking lot make? It's extremely hard to give numbers because every parking is different.;Let's say a parking lot with 20 parking spaces earns an average of $10 per space a day, it will yield $200 in gross revenues. Per year, it will earn $73,000 in gross revenues. If the lot is 4,000 square foot big with a monthly rent of 50 cents per square foot, it will have a yearly rent of $24,000. When it comes to wages, the minimum wage level for parking lot attendants is around $21,000 a year. This leaves you $28,000 in gross profits before t…

Cross Shadow Book *Giveaway*

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All journalist Christine Lewis wants is the truth. All pastor John Cross wants is to avoid it.

Former CIA agent turned evangelical pastor John Cross is busy caring for the small community of believers he ministers to in Virginia. Journalist Christine Lewis is busy with the demand for her talents from top news agencies in New York City. Neither has any time left for their relationship, which began eight months before when they paired up to prevent the detonation of a chemical bomb in the nation's capital.

But when Christine hears that her stepbrother has been arrested for murder in Texas, they team up again to discover the truth about the crime. Untangling a web of conspiracy, the couple finds themselves in the center of another dangerous situation-and in trouble far deeper than they expected.

With an assassin on the loose, a trusted colleague acting as a double agent, and…

What Steps to Take to Clean and Disinfect Buildings and Homes to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Social distancing could be the most used phrase in the world at this current juncture. The flattening of the
Coronavirus outbreak numbers has been a priority for a number of countries around the world. Keeping yourself
safe is going to take a proactive approach in practices distancing, washing your hands, and avoiding those that
could be potentially ill. The cleaning of buildings and homes has gone to the next level with many professional
cleaning services now offering deep cleans to eliminate Coronavirus on every surface possible. Below are tips to
help clean and disinfect buildings as well as homes to help flatten the curve. Buildings and Homes NEED to Disinfect High Touch Areas
The building that you work in or your home if working remotely needs to stay as clean as possible. Most people
have extra time in their days if they are working from home due to the elimination of the commute. Certain areas
like handrails in stairways are commonly touched so make sure to go over this with a di…

Male Grooming Gifts Perfect For Fathers Day!

With Father's Day fast approaching, many of us are racking our brains to find an original, yet useful gift to give the
men in our lives. Of course, there are so many options to choose from. Although one of the best and most 
welcome has to be male grooming products and experiences. A topic that you can find out all about below. 

Shower gel 
It's a simple option, but shower gel can be an excellent gift for fathers day. You can go one of two ways with this
gift. The first is to stock up on the man in your life's favourite brand. You can even add other products from the
same range and create a hamper of grooming goods! 

Alternatively, why not splash out a little and go for a more high-end product? Some of
the luxe brands like Cowshed or Dior, can set you back around £30 for even a single bottle!
Of course, that is what makes it such a treat! 

I'm not sure whether aftershave adequately describes this category of gift. Perhaps a better title would be 'man