Monday, June 18, 2018

What to Do with an Inherited House

When we’re young, many of us dream of suddenly finding out that a long-lost
relative has left us a lot of money or a huge house. We daydream about moving
in and living like royalty. Then, as an adult, the realities of inheriting property are
very different. It usually comes with an upsetting loss to start with.
One that you’d happily swap the house to reverse or avoid.
Then, there are the complexities of inheriting property itself.
What are you going to do with it? Here are some of the main options to consider.

Live in It

The first and most obvious option is usually living in the house yourself. But, this will
depend mainly on your current situation and the house itself. Firstly, ask yourself
if you need or want to move. If you are currently renting or living in either a house or
area that you’re not happy with, moving in can be the ideal solution.

But, you need to consider things like location, the condition of the house, utility costs,
the area and the size of the home. It can be worth hiring a surveyor to give the home a
thorough inspection before you make a decision as well as exploring the local area,
having the house valued and looking at the associated costs of moving and selling your
current residence.

If you do choose to move in, you’ll find yourself in a better position than many other
movers. You’ve got somewhere to stay while you decorate and make any changes to the home,
without having to worry about paying two lots of rent or mortgage payments. So, take your time.

Sell It

The next option to consider is selling. Again, this will largely depend on your situation and the house
itself. Is it worth selling? The housing market and interest rates are better than they’ve been for a
long time, so you could make money if the home is in a desirable location and a good condition.
Check out this article on modernizing,
to help you het a good price.

Any buyer will survey the house, but you may want to get some advice yourself to see
if making some changes and repairs could significantly impact on the sale price.
It’s important to remember that selling a house takes time and comes with
associated sales and legal costs. You could make money eventually,
but you might not see it for months or longer.

Rent It Out

Renting gives you a great middle ground if you’re not ready to commit to a permanent decision.
By renting and using to help, you still have to option to live there or
sell in the future.

Renting can be costly, you’ll need landlord’s insurance and legal advice, and you should
also spend time ensuring the house is in good condition for tenants. But, if the house is
large and in an excellent location, you could make a steady monthly income from the
rent without having to wait for a long time before you see any profits.

The most important thing when considering what to do with any inheritance is time. Don’t rush, allow yourself time to grieve before you rush into making a decision in the heat of the moment.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Win at Home Renovation With These Stunning Hints

Home renovations are really important because you have to make sure you have a
stunning and functional home as often as possible. You want somewhere you can be
proud of living, and a place that will increase in value over time. The more you can
do to renovate and improve your home, the better it will be going forward in the long run.
There are so many things involved in home improvements, and you need to look at some
of the key ones.

Renovating your home is certainly important as you are taking steps to improve the place you
live, as well as the resale value of the home in the future. There are plenty of great options that
can help you in this respect, but you need some epic home renovation tips. These are some of the
best things you can do to help you win at home renovations in style!

  • Learn Some DIY

The most important step to take is to make sure you learn some DIY in the first instance. This is a
natural life skill that you need to understand and familiarize yourself with. Yes, some aspects of DIY
will be above you, and far too complex for you to complete on your own. But, there will definitely be
some small bits of DIY that you will be able to do yourself. And it is important to learn some of the
basics now as much as you can.

  • Bring in the Experts

Yes, there are some things you can do yourself, but you also need to make sure you bring in the
professionals wherever you can. There are certain jobs that are too important and complicated to
do yourself, and this is where you need to hire a home remodeling service. They will be able to
work with you to make changes and renovations to the home to a professional and high-quality
standard, and really focus on improving the property.

  • Sort the Roof Out

The roof is arguably the most important part of the structure of the whole property, and it needs
to be in the best possible condition. There are so many excellent things that go into sorting a roof
out, and fixing it up is essential for protecting against issues of leaking and other problems. You
have to do as much as possible to hire roofing contractors and make sure the roof is properly prepared
and up to scratch as much as possible.

  • Repaint the Home

You’d be surprised by how much of an impact a simple lick of paint can have on a home. It is ideal for
brightening up the place and making the home feel fresh and more welcoming. In fact, the right kind of
paint job can actually leave the home feeling like a totally new property. And, the best part about
repainting the home is the fact that you can do it yourself as long as you have the time and determination.

  • Consider Extending

An extension is such a pivotal decision to make in the modern world. It is a big undertaking and might
mean additional costs, but it can add significant value to your property. If you are planning on
renovating your family home, this is one of the things you’re going to need to think about. Consider
whether you have space for an extension, and, if so, what sort of extension you want to have for the
home in the future.

  • Upgrade the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room in the home and the one that so often acts as the
game-changer in a lot of buying and selling situations. Think about how great your home is,
and how much a kitchen revamp would improve it. An island kitchen or an open plan deal would be a
perfect choice. This is something that can transform the interior of the property, and also elevate the
kitchen to a much more important and sociable room. There are a lot of things you might consider
doing with the kitchen, but upgrading is definitely something to consider.

  • Make Better Use of Natural Light

The amount of natural light in a home can make all the difference moving forward. There are a lot of
brilliant ideas to consider that are going to help you make the home feel larger, more spacious, and
more inviting. The best thing to think about in this regard is to improve the way you use natural light.
This means using mirrors, getting larger windows installed, and rearranging the furniture in your rooms.
It is so important to make sure the room looks as bright and airy as possible.

If you are serious about acing home renovations and really focusing on making your property better, you
need these hints. There are a lot of pretty drastic changes you can make, and many of them will have a
lasting impact on the home.

Budget Busting Ways To Put Your Own Stamp On Your Home

Everyone likes the idea of adding their own personality to their homes,
however, not all of us have the budget to renovate a kitchen completely, or replace a
bathroom, as much as we would like. But yet we still want to add character and give the
impression that effort and love has gone into the presentation of our homes. So I thought I
would share with you some of the budget busting ways to put your own stamp on your home.

Make some DIY home decorations

When it comes to your home, you want to try and add your own
personal style into the mix, and I can understand that. So you may want to consider
adding some DIY home decorations. Investing in some simple tools like
glue guns for arts and craft, paper and materials like fabrics, and even just a sketch book so you can
make a note of your ideas and you are good to go. Some of the home made details you can add
could be embellishments to plain curtains, adding details to photo frames,mor perhaps even using
odd bits of fabrics for patchwork cushions or bunting for a particular room in your home.
The options are endless and a quick scout online will soon have you brimming with ideas.

Dress your home to the seasons

Maybe you like to take inspiration from what is around you and there is no better way
to do that than through the seasons. Changing your home decor to match the different
seasons is a cheap and easy way to give your home a breath of fresh life. Whether you
add a bit of colour through cushions and soft furnishings in the summer, or add blankets and
warmer tones to add a bit of Hygge to your living areas in the autumn or winter, it is a great way to
feel like you are changing things up without it causing you to completely redecorate your home.

Create a feature wall instead of decorating your whole home

Decorating your whole home not only costs you money, but it also costs you your time.
Not all of us have days to dedicate to repainting a room everytime you fancy a change. So why not
make it half the job? A simple way to create a change in a room is to add a feature wall. There are a
few different ways you can do this, all with varying costs but none of which will really break the
bank. You could paint a wall a different colour then incorporate the colours in other ways. You
could wallpaper a wall in a different pattern or texture to add a different dimension to the room, or
even use pictures and photo frames to one wall and create a photo collage of all your favourite memories.

Invest in key pieces of furniture

There will always be areas where you can spend money in your home, but if you are
watching the amounts you are spending then try and only invest in key pieces in your home to
keep the costs down. This could be a new sofa for a living space or a new bed for a bedroom.
These are key pieces that draw attention from you and your guests, so getting them right is essential.
The others pieces can then be sourced and bought differently. You might even want to try charity
shops and websites like eBay to find some amazing bargains.

Take on different ideas to declutter and store items

Clutter is one thing that many people can have big problems with. It can make your home feel messy
and untidy without much doing from yourself. So take some time to try and declutter your home of all the
things you no longer want, love or need in your life. Once you have done that, then you can simply
invest in different storage ideas to try and find alternative ways to keep your home tidy. There are some
great methods of decluttering online to help you get started.

Have a neutral colour scheme and add colour through accessories

Finally, choose a neutral colour scheme for your home, whites, beige, creams or even pastel shades.
Doing this means that you only need decorate a few times, but you can easily change a style of the
room by injecting colour in other ways such as through accessories and soft furnishings. It is much
easy to change things this way than to repaint the walls if you suddenly are not keen on a colour.

I hope that these tips help you to put your own stamp on your home.

4 Nesting Tips To Prepare Your Home Before Baby Comes

The excitement of expecting your first baby is a whirlwind. As a new parent, there are
so many new challenges ahead and so many tasks you must do in order to prepare for this new arrival
who is going to turn your life upside down. One of the most significant is making sure that your home is
ready. Before, where you live may have been perfectly suited to the comforts of your adult life, but having a
children means a few changes should be made to create a family-friendly home perfect to accommodate your new
brood. Here are four things to take a look at first…

1.Make It Safe and Secure

First things first, your home will need some changes making for the sake of child-proofing it and creating a safe,
secure environment to bring up your baby, worry-free. List out and address the big picture items first - does the
property need to be made more secure? This could include a new front door, a perimeter fence to enclose a garden and
even investing in a home security system. Use sources such as to audit how secure your property
really is.  Also do a thorough check of your smoke detectors and any carbon monoxide monitors and make sure they are
all in working order.

2.Babyproof Your Space

Next, look at items in the home, such as securing cupboard that contain chemical products, like washing power and bleach
with safety catches, adding corner cards to pieces of furniture at baby head height, and buying plug socket covers to stop
curious fingers poking into them. If you have stairs you will also need to fit stair gates to stop your children falling down.
It’s much better to sort these things in advance than waiting until you are sleep-deprived and dealing with a little one.

3.Target Germs

Little ones have very delicate immune systems, so use the time before the baby arrives to tackle any germ hotspots in the house.
Take the chance to have a big spring clean and pay thorough attention to area such as cutting boards, taps, light switches,
and your kitchen sink. Stock up on antibacterial wipes and sprays and keep them in all these hotspots, where you can
quickly grab them and disinfect as you go. Make a point of wiping these areas down at least once a week to keep yourself
and baby in good health.

4.Reorganise Your Environment

Babies come with a lot of accessories and these also need to be accommodated in your home, so use the weeks of
your pregnancy to do a thorough declutter. List any unwanted items on local Facebook selling groups or through
platforms such as eBay or Gumtree. Not only will you gain some much needed space, you may also raise some cash
which you can put towards all the baby equipment you’ll need. Have a clean- out of your fridge and make sure that
there is a hygienic space to store milk, a steriliser and other items for feeding the baby. Add some drawers to their room so
that you can pre-wash baby grows in non-bio washing powder in a few sizes and have them ready to go.

Have fun preparing for your new arrival!

Should You Knock It Down And Start Again?

Are you dreaming of a really stunning, designer home? And does what you have right
now really not match up? When this is the case, you have a problem. Because, of course, you
want to go in a different direction. So what do you do? Should you sell and move to a new place?
Or should you just try to make this work? The problem with both is that, when you have something
incredibly specific in mind, no amount of home improvements can manifest that! Instead, you’ll
often have to design your own space. So, maybe it’s time for you to knock down what you have and
start again? Or, if your exterior is perfect, completely change the shell inside with a more suitable layout?
If this sounds like something you want to do, here’s how you're going to make it happen.

1. Get Permission

First of all, you’re going to want to find out if you can actually do this. Because being able to knock
down a house and then build something from scratch, or change the layout in a major way, will
require permits. So before you get too excited, make sure that you’re speaking to your local
authority about what you can and cannot do.

2. Create A Design

When you get the go-ahead, you’re then going to want to design the space that you want.
When it comes to building your own home, there’s always going to be a lot of choice, so it’s a
smart idea to work with an architect. Definitely have some ideas for what you want, but when it
comes to making everything technically work, they are going to be a huge savior for you on this
project. You may also want to get a designer, as we will discuss in more detail in point five.

3. Focus On The Structure

Now, you need to make sure that the structure is worked on correctly. This is why it’s important to
hire the best contractor. Ideally they’re going to be experienced with groundwork and
high capacity loads so that the jobs is finished to the right standard. To make this
happen, you’ll want to ensure that your architect gets things right and that they can recommend a
great contractor if you don’t already know one.

4. Let Your Vision Come To Life

Then, you’re going to want to leave everything in the hands of your capable
contractor and project manager. At this point, try to stay out of the way as much as possible. You can
then get more involved in the final step.

5. Decorate With Dreams

And finally, you’re going to want to get in there and make sure that your vision comes alive with the
right decor. Now, seeing as you’ve already spent a pretty penny getting the exterior and the layout
right, you may as well go all out and get a great designer. If you’re not too sure how you’re going to
bring your vision alive, you’re best off leaving it to an expert. Because you’ve already got the space
of your dreams, and now you need to make sure it’s decorated to perfection too.