Friday, October 13, 2017

Loving The Maple Holistics Organic Natural Honey!

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Eating organic is important to me and even something as simple as a bagel for breakfast, needs to have organic ingredients in our house. That's why I paired our morning breakfast bagels with some organic all natural honey from Maple Holistics.

I love that it's in a easy to pour bottle, no mess! 

It tasted great and so fresh! I love that it's unfiltered and unprocessed with no artificial ingredients of anything!

The ingredients are simple:
100% all natural pure organic honey

Maple Holistics offers free samples and so much more (like their blog) so be sure to check them out!

I am so happy with this product, my husband loved it & we certainly want more when this bottle is out! Anything that you are eating is in direct correlation with your body, it's important to remember that. Not all foods are good for you & when it comes to Maple Holistics you can be sure you're getting the best all natural can offer! Unboxing! (Cat's Box)

You can find all the information on their boxes below!
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bath & Body Works Haul

My Cat's A Tiki Cat!

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You know I've featured my cats here on the blog several times and I wanted to share with you the new food they tried from it's called Tiki Cat After Dark

It's a canned food that is grain free, high in protein, low in carbs, contains minerals, high moisture & offers your kitty vitamins! Not to mention the fact that I'm a sucker for cute packaging and this is amazing! 

We received the variety pack and I was shocked when I opened one of the cans. Yes, SHOCKED! There are a lot of foods out their that have "real meat" or "natural ingredients" BUT the one can that contained quail egg actually contained an egg in it! I opened it up and there was a half of a tiny boiled egg in there! It doesn't get any  more natural than that!

It offered easy pull tabs so I could drain any excess liquid easily and offered a quick feeding. My cats are not patient so they were pleased I could put the food on their plates quicker!

The food itself looked like human food, literally! Here is a picture of some of the meats:

My cats enjoyed every bite! If you're looking for an amazing food for your cats with a lot of benefits added, than be sure to check these out! They are reasonably priced, and the packaging??!??!?! I'm sold :)

Jase says thanks for the full tummy!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Dali Decals Review & Giveaway!

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It's beginning to look like Halloween at our house thanks to Dali Decals! I love the Halloween season and enjoy putting decorations around our home. I received a few Halloween decals that I wanted to share with you that I'm loving!

This vampire looks amazing on our front door! He also comes with clouds and a moon with bats, so I put those on next (the clouds wouldn't fit on our door as our door is unusually narrow) but I love how it all came together with the moon and bats!

This was so easy to put on! All I did was make sure the glass was clean, peel the backing off the decals and stick them on! It took no time at all and they look great! If you love to decorate for Halloween than be sure to check out their website for all their fun decals!

I also received a "R" initial for our front door. 

I am absolutely in love with how this turned out!
It looks professionally done, but I did it myself! This company offers so many amazing decals for Holidays, Weddings, Initials and so much more I could go on and on. They are all very reasonably priced, and again if I can put them on so can you! It was beyond simple. What a great way to spice up your house for Halloween or add character and flare to your home with some of their designs!

Dali Decals has offered to give one reader a $25 gc to get anything they want from their site! How generous! 

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