The Philippines and COVID-19: A Look at How the Country is Doing in Light of the Pandemic

The Philippines has recently been placed under Code Red Sublevel 2 Alert in light of the growing number of COVID-19 positive cases in the past week. The numbers grew dramatically over a few days.
At present, Metro Manila is under community quarantine with an imposed curfew of 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM. The Philippine government was forced to implement tough measures to fight the spread of the novel coronavirus and minimize its impact on the Filipinos' health and the economy.
Flattening the Curve Social distancing and frequent handwashing have been encouraged not just by the Philippine government but also by medical experts all over the world. While observing proper hygiene is crucial, maintaining a safe distance from people can help slow down the spread of the virus.
However, self-quarantine is highly recommended at this point if people want to flatten the so-called curve. Staying at home is still the best way to protect yourself from the disease and prevent it from spreading any further. Th…

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Eating Healthy & Loving The Taste!

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Eating healthy isn't always easy because some of those foods are bland and boring. But, with Burl Barley Granola you can enjoy heathy food instead of feeling like you have to eat it!

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BARLEY MAKES IT BETTER For years, we loved making our homemade oat-based granola. Then we discovered rolled barley (which totally transformed our granola!) and never looked back. Barley is an amazing ancient grain. But it’s often overlooked, like the underdog of grains. Packed with nutrition and wonderfully delicious, we love how rolled barley makes Burl Barley Granola oh-so tasty and good-for-you. (Re)discovering barley is like reconnecting with a dear friend - it’s a natural fit. Kids love the great taste of Burl Barley Granola and parents love it’s great nutrition. It’s a convenient way to add barley to your day. From our table to yours - Enjoy!
I absolutely loved the fla…

Pro Tips For Choosing Your Next Vacation

It’s a big question to ask yourself when you are a lover of going everywhere and anywhere, but you
must choose your next vacation spot! A vacation is good for your health, so you want to make the
right choice! The world is packed to the brim of places for you to wander, and you should start with the
places you’ve always dreamed of visiting before you start on the places you hope to go one day.

It’s hard to plan a vacation when you are desperate to get everywhere, which is why we have six tips
for you to help you to plan your next vacation spot. Let’s make this decision an easy one, shall we?

Image Source: Pexels Embrace The List
A list. The bucket list in your phone/notepad/laptop - find it and look through it! If you want to narrow
down to the choices of where you can go on your next vacation, you need to write it all down.
Dig deep into the lists that you've made before and make a dream list of the places you really want to
go one day. This is your starting point to do your research!

Wondering How You Can Improve Your Health? Read This!

People spend, on average less than 10% of their lives outdoors. A massive chunk of the indoor life is
spent at home, hence the saying, “A healthy life begins at home.” Creating a healthy home does not
have to be a daunting and expensive task, but sometimes requires a re-evaluation of your lifestyle and
habits. The key to creating a healthy home is avoiding or limiting exposure to toxic chemicals,
disease-causing agents such as pests, and hazardous material. You must adopt several proactive
approaches toward creating healthy homes. Image viaAdobe Stock, by Kentoh Dust ControlMost allergies are aggravated by dust. Dust components may include hazardous chemicals like lead, fire
retardants, mold, and other chemicals. An expensive approach to eliminating dust buildup is by replacing
wall to wall carpets with wood flooring, tile, or non-vinyl linoleum. Another way of removing dust buildup
is by frequently vacuuming with a keen eye on corners and under furniture. Ditch PesticidesPesticides are …

Conveniences That Help You Enjoy The Moving Process

Pexels - CC0 License

There are many words that may be associated with the act of moving from one house to another.
Of course, ‘potential,’ ‘new beginnings,’ and ‘hope’ may be some of them. Yet the actual administrative
act of bringing along all of your property from one location and transporting it and your family to
another place can be tiring and somewhat anxiety-inducing, and so the words ‘fun’ or ‘enjoy’ will likely
not come up in conversation when discussed.

Yet it’s possible to have those experiences, and to associate those words with moving once and for all.
As complex and difficult as the administrative tasks may be, there are a range of methods out there to
help you get the most from this process and benefit as a result. With that in mind, we would love to help you better your approach and not only enjoy this process, but remember it fondly as the start of your
new journey.

How is this possible? Well, thankfully, it’s really rather simple. After all, careful planning, useful

Stylish Wallets For The Man In Your Life

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Have a hard time finding the right gift for that man in your life? I'm going to introduce you to Trendhim. A online site that offers mens accessories from sunglasses to wallets and much more. 

The wallet that I recommend is the California Wallet.

Made from leather it has a unique design with a lot of storage! 

It comes in various colors and you can also get it with a built in RFID & NFC blocking card for your security.

You can have it sent directly as a gift, which comes in a nice keepsake box. 
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