The Beginner’s Guide To Buying A Home

  The concept of buying your own home is an exceedingly exciting - and somewhat daunting - one, isn’t it? Being in a position to be able to buy your own home is an incredible one, and is most probably something that you have been working towards for years. Now that the time has finally come and you’re in a position to buy a property of your own, there’s a lot that you need to think about and consider.  It’s not just a case of selecting a property, signing some documents and that’s it - there’s a lot more to think about than that. You need to take an open-minded and well-informed approach to buying a home of your own; you cannot rush the process, you need to think carefully about each aspect of things. You need to have an action plan to follow, to make sure that you don’t miss out any of the important stuff.  Photo source: Pixabay Bearing that in mind, below is a beginner’s guide to buying your first home. It’s packed full of plenty of useful tips and pieces of advice - read on for ever

Easy Ways to Bond with your Dog

  If you just don’t feel as though you are bonding with your dog in the best possible way or if you have a rescue and you want to make sure that you are giving yourself and them the best chance of getting along, then you can find out everything you need to know about bonding with your new pooch, right here. Pay Attention Believe it or not, your dog has the ability to tell when you are paying them attention and when you aren’t. Don’t scratch their head and then continue to watch TV, or look at your phone. Instead, put a bit more effort in when giving your pet some belly rubs. When you do, you will soon find that your dog appreciates it more and that you are able to step up your bonding experience overall. Spend Quality Time If you want to help yourself bond with your dog, then you need to spend as much quality time with them as possible. This could mean initiating a training session or it could even mean going on a very long walk together. Whatever you do, just try and make sure that

Protecting Your Home During The Winter With Cladding

Image Cladding contractors should certainly be on your list of people to contact when it comes to your building project. Cladding is the process of using one material to cover another, and it is a fantastic form of protection.  Construction contractors use a variety of cladding materials to protect the outside of a structure once it is built. Stone is a particularly popular material to use, but there are others including timber, weatherboard, fibre cement, brick, and vinyl. It is essential to find an expert to install the cladding to your project as it has many benefits when done correctly. When done incorrectly, it can cause many problems.  Why is cladding needed?  Cladding is all about the look of a structure rather than the integral stability of it, but that does not make it any less important than any other part of the building process. And, when cladding contractors are professional, qualified experts, t

The Plans We Made Review/Giveaway!

 This blog contains affliliate links and sponsored posts. Please check out my disclosure policy for more details. The Plans We Made is a book written by Kathryn Cushman and Lauren Beccue.  This book is so easily relatable with the main character. There are twists and turns that leave you guessing, but nothing confusing, and it holds your attention! I couldn't put the book down too long! It provides a sort of strength to the reader (without disclosing any clues) and gives you a sense of "I can do this".  It's a book I would recommend anybody read! About the Authors Kathryn Cushman  graduated with a degree in pharmacy from Samford University. After hanging up her lab coat, she shifted her focus toward writing. Her previous works have received multiple nominations for both the Carol Award and the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award.  The Plans We Made  is her tenth published novel.   Learn more at . Follow Kathryn on  Facebook (@authorkathryncushman

DIY Projects You Can Make for Your Cat's Enjoyment

Your feline friends can be very loving pets when taken care of, and it can be super adorable to watch them play with new gifts or chow down on little treats for hours on end. If you want to provide a little extra present for your cats at home, there are a ton of things you can give them that they can enjoy in the long run and that you can make them yourself! Not only does this make room for more creative flexibility, but it can also be a satisfying project to accomplish and pass the time by with. Here are some projects you can try out yourself, with different time and resource requirements depending on what you want to put in. Cats love to climb and perch themselves on high surfaces. So, why not  build them some cute shelves  to climb around on as they please? With the right materials and some strategic scents, this can also free up those bookshelves and countertops you've always had to sacrifice for your cats' nap time. You can go different ways for this, either by making a st

Anxiety, Depression, and Stress: A Look into Dogs’ Mental Health

While dogs are proven to alleviate mental health disorders in humans, these furry creatures also suffer from psychological problems. Research reveals that the  canine brain closely resembles  the human brain. A specific area of the brain called thecaudate nucleus can be found in both humans and canines. Surrounded by dopamine receptors, the caudate plays a crucial role in regulating positive emotions such as anticipation, pleasure, love, and attachment. Scientists discovered that the same set of things stimulates activity in the caudate of both these species. That suggests that dogs experience emotions in the same way humans do. Because of the similarities in the cognitive process, it is no surprise that dogs also endure the same line of psychological problems that people face. Surprisingly, just like human beings, canines also experience anxiety, depression, and compulsive disorder. Separation Anxiety: The Fear of Being Alone One of the most common mental issues in pups is separation

In the New Reality, Cleaning Our Homes Will Be a Social Responsibility

The public concern over health and safety has understandably escalated during the pandemic. And as we spend more time at home, how does this change our behavior? What measures can be taken within our homes to address immediate concerns, and what might be the best long-term response for a safe and healthy lifestyle? Keeping the coronavirus outside the home If you want to win a war, you need the right information. And if you want to stop the disease from entering your home, you have to filter out the many misleading or inaccurate sources of information online and on social media. How does Covid-19 spread? There are two currently accepted modes of transmission: surface contact and respiratory droplets.  Aerosol particles have been proposed and are seeing increased evidence as a likely third mode. While scientists are still investigating the coronavirus, it's sensible to abide by the standard safety measures at home. Can you be sure that everyone in your household hasn't had contac