Anxiety, Depression, and Stress: A Look into Dogs’ Mental Health

While dogs are proven to alleviate mental health disorders in humans, these furry creatures also suffer from psychological problems.Research reveals that the canine brain closely resembles the human brain. A specific area of the brain called thecaudate nucleus can be found in both humans and canines.Surrounded by dopamine receptors, the caudate plays a crucial role in regulating positive emotions such as anticipation, pleasure, love, and attachment. Scientists discovered that the same set of things stimulates activity in the caudate of both these species. That suggests that dogs experience emotions in the same way humans do.Because of the similarities in the cognitive process, it is no surprise that dogs also endure the same line of psychological problems that people face. Surprisingly, just like human beings, canines also experience anxiety, depression, and compulsive disorder.Separation Anxiety: The Fear of Being AloneOne of the most common mental issues in pups is separation anxiet…

In the New Reality, Cleaning Our Homes Will Be a Social Responsibility

The public concern over health and safety has understandably escalated during the pandemic. And as we spend more time at home, how does this change our behavior? What measures can be taken within our homes to address immediate concerns, and what might be the best long-term response for a safe and healthy lifestyle?Keeping the coronavirus outside the homeIf you want to win a war, you need the right information. And if you want to stop the disease from entering your home, you have to filter out the many misleading or inaccurate sources of information online and on social media.How does Covid-19 spread? There are two currently accepted modes of transmission: surface contact and respiratory droplets. Aerosol particleshave been proposed and are seeing increased evidence as a likely third mode.While scientists are still investigating the coronavirus, it's sensible to abide by the standard safety measures at home. Can you be sure that everyone in your household hasn't had contact wit…

5 Ways To Cope With The Loss Of A Pet

For many people, owning an animal goes beyond simply having a pet. In fact, in America alone, about 67% of homes have pets. Most pet owners consider their little buddies as family members that add joy and comfort to their lives. But unfortunately, pets have a shorter natural lifespan than humans. This means that every pet owner has to deal with the dread of losing their lovable animal at some point - and this can be very devastating. So how does a pet owner deal with the loss of a pet? Here are a few helpful ways.
Give yourself enough time to grief
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If there’s nothing wrong with loving your pet, there’s equally nothing wrong in grieving your loss. It is perfectly acceptable to mourn the loss of your furry family member. Do not be quick to ‘get over it’ or ‘move on’ if you do not feel ready. Bottling your emotions inside of you can cause some physical stress on your body. It is better to give yourself enough time to release every negative emotion within you.
Reach out to others…

Experience New Cultures Through Music

Music is a universal language. It transcends every culture, color, and language. Even if you do not understand the words, music can still speak to your soul. This is the reason why music in different languages is popular worldwide. For example, the K-pop wave has affected not just Asia but western and European countries as well.Traditional music is part of every country's culture. Music tells about the life, passion, dreams, hopes, and despair of the people. Have you ever heard traditional music that seemed to transport you to another time and place? Next time you travel to another country, make sure to make your experience more immersive by getting to know its traditional music and musical instruments.Often, when you hear about music lessons, you instantly think of piano, guitar, and even drum lessons. Expand your repertoire and explore traditional instruments from other countries. Here are some notable musical instruments from around the world:Korea's HaegeumAlso known as th…

Search Engine Optimization & Your Blogs!

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As a blogger, you want to make sure you are utilizing all of the ways to drive traffic to your site. Not only for more exposure, but for collaboration opportunities as well. A lot of companies work with bloggers based off of their traffic so it's important to have a knowledge of basic SEO.
Standing for Search Engine Optimization, it's basically how a person drives quality and quantity to their site. It's all done through a search engine such as Google to increase the traffic that is genuine, not robotic or spammy.
If you are looking into creating a blog, I strongly recommend you check out the tips and tricks you could look up online to familiarize yourself with the process. It's important!

Why Is Everyone (Including You) Crazy about Cats?

According to common knowledge, dogs are the greatest animal friends that humans can have. But they forget cats. These small feline creatures are just as popular as dogs when it comes to human's preference for animal companions. They are cute, graceful, mysterious, and lovable. Their tiny faces and bodies will make you want to cuddle with them. And their soft meows and purrs will always make you go to them and admire their beauty.But why are people in love with cats? Why are you willing to be scratched, or why are you ready to find a self-tapping screw supplier to finish that cat house you are working on?Here are some probable reasons:Cats aren't needyDogs tend to be clingy. They follow you anywhere you go. And even if you are leaving for a while, they will run after you. They don't want to be separated from you. Cats, however, do not have this issue (unless you and your cat are separated for quite some time). Cats are independent, and they are likely to explore places and …

Appliance Upkeep & Importance

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We've all been there. An appliance is on its last leg and we keep pushing it. Instead, we should be maintaining it. 
Theres no need to go buy expensive appliances when we can simply maintain ours. Appliance repair is often times less expensive than buying brand new and routine maintenance is a must.
My washer stopped working and I didn't know what was wrong with it but I knew I didnt' want to pay for a new washer! Turns out having it repaired only cost $175!
There's a time and a place where getting something new is necessary, but I'll leave that up to the pro's! If you can wait until there's a sale if a new appliance is necessary do it. Stores like Lowe's have sales often!