**Important for those that blog hop!!!

For all my fellow bloggers please read this so that you don't get scammed as I did!

I, like many of you, have been doing blog hops. Reading new blogs, getting to know new people, and gaining some nice readers along the way. Unfortunately there is someone with a facebook fan page who is scamming bloggers and fb users! I joined many hops, and cannot remember where I found this particular marriage fan page, but they posted about an affiliate program that you can make extra $ from. Since I am already a member of several affiliate programs, I was interested. Thinking this was a trustworthy person since they had over 215,000 fans!!!!!!!!!!, I signed up for the program. Guess what??? After giving all my information, the page came up as saying it didn't exist, then I got an email asking me for $ and to do a training seminar with them! I had to call my bank, since they paid direct pay, and let them know not to allow any transactions from that particular fan page/site. I also had to change ALL my passwords on my laptop just in case I got hacked! I love to blog hop and meet new people, I just wanted to share this with my fellow bloggers because I don't want to see you have to go through the same thing as I did tonight. Stay @ home moms, work @ home moms, dads, single people, all of us have a hard enough time trying to make money in this recession, it's sad that there are people out there that will prey off of you because they are too LAZY to get off there butts and work themselves! Please be sure if you take any advice or join any programs, that you KNOW who is recommending it. Don't go by the number of fans they have or followers.
~Completely Stressed

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