Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Review***

Recently I had the opportunity to review Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal as well as a few other products from TCCD International, INC. They generously sent me all these products to review. I was excited when I opened the box thinking I was going to be reviewing their deodorant, and to my surprise there were several other items as well! First off, let me say that the deodorant is:
                              -Phthalate Free
                              -Paraben and PG Free
                              -No Harmful Aluminums
                              -Up to 24 Hour Protection
(This was listed on the pamphlet that they sent me)
I am a big fan of anything natural! When I first read about their products I was really excited.
I have sensitive skin, sometimes products with fragrance and dyes irritate my skin or cause my skin to get very dry. This DID NOT happen with this deodorant! I did not have any issues whatsoever, and also the deodorant worked! I have purchased products before that claim to be all natural, no dyes, no fragrance etc etc, and I either end up with an irritation, or the product itself doesn't work! I must say that I stayed cool and dry using this product :) I strongly recommend their line of products to anyone who has the same sensitive skin issues that I have.
They also have body sprays, deodorant sprays, roll on deodorant, the list goes on! Please check out their website at:  and see for yourself! The sprays are great because they are not overbearing. Sometimes when you have anything in a spray bottle it either comes out to much, the odor is way too strong etc. Not this product! Aside from ordering online, you can also find these great products in your local stores such as Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Publix, and many more! Their fragrance free Roll-on is now available at Walmart! I know everyone has a Walmart close by! How conveniant is that?? For a complete list of store locations that carry this wonderful line of products please visit:

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