**Freebie Shopping***

I did some freebie shopping today and got a great deal and wanted to share it with you as well as the links to the coupons!

I got all of this for $2.40 (I dropped the 12 pack of deer park water bringing it into my house and broke one of the bottles so i had to take them out before I could get the pic)

12 pack of deer park water $4.99 (coupon for free 12 pack no longer available) = FREE
Gallon of iced tea $3.19 (coupon for .55 cents off acme doubled) = $2.09
Greek Yogurt on sale for $1.00 (buy one get one free coupon)  = $1.00

Acme supercard savings = $1.47
Mfg coupons = $6.54
Store coupons = .55 cents

Total Savings = $8.56

Total Spent = $2.40

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