Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories

Thanks to Aurelio Delacruz

Sesame Street is the best show going for educational television. They were one of the first programs to realize that the child's mind was capable of accepting more advanced knowledge than was previously thought. Their catchy tunes and endearing characters made learning easier and even enjoyable which made Sesame Street stand out from the rest of the groups of their time. There was Elmo with his cute lisp sounding voice along with Bert and Ernie who were best friends that just didn't seem to get along. Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch rounded out this loveable cast of monsters and was capable of teaching children not only about tolerance for different personalities but also how to interact with them with respect and sensitivity. This was the first place my love of languages was ignited and fed. I was considered quite advanced for my level when I was able to recite my numbers in Spanish at the tender age of five. I have such fond memories of this show that when it is time for the show to come on, I will gather the kids together and we will enjoy it on my Popcorn helps to round out this tradition.

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