My chihuahua saved my life and my house from burning down!!!

Thanks to my little man I am safe and sound and my house is in one piece. Well sort of.

I was in the bedroom sorting clothes for the laundry, and unbeknownst to me, there was a fire starting in the kitchen. Bullet came running down the hallway freaking out, I looked at him like he was nuts. I figured he was jealous because the cat was in the bedroom with me while I was sorting laundry and dismissed him. He wouldn't let me though. He kept it up and I started walking to him saying "whats ur problem" and laughing at him, he was still freaking out. I turned around to go back to the bedroom and he wouldn't let me, he kept freaking out until I followed him. When he got to the dining room he stopped and looked up at me as if to say "see do you smell that now". I could smell something was burning. Thinking it was something with my crockpot since I had been cooking with that today, I walked into the kitchen to see flames and the kitchen in smoke. My hubby is a fireman and says that fire doubles in size every sixty seconds. If it wasn't for my little man, by the time the fire would've reached the bedroom I would have no way of getting out other than the window. We have smoke detectors but they hadn't gone off yet becuase the smoke hadn't reached the hallway yet. I cannot believe how smart he is! Thanks to him, I'm ok. My kitchen, that's another story lol. Nothing homeowners can't fix. Chihuahua love is all I need!!!

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