Freebie shopping at Walmart

I got all this for $10.86!!! I have supplied the coupon links so that you can get any and all deals that you want to as well. If you have dogs, this is a great deal!!! (there are other items other than dog food a well)
Nexcare bandages $1, used coupon from sunday paper$1 off 2= $1 for both
Spicy mustard $1.18, used coupon from sunday paper $1 off 2= $1.36 for both
Ortega taco seasoning .68cents, used $1 off 2 = .36cents for both
Stayfree pads (24 count) $2.86, used $1 off = $1.86
Ceasar dog food .68cents, buy 2 get one free = $1.36 for 3
Alpo canneed food .66cents, $1 off 4 = $1.64 for 4

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