Adventures in chihuahua monopoly

My husband and I decided there wasn't any good movies out that we wanted to see, and couldn't find anything good on demand. We decided to play an old fashioned game of Monopoly. After trying to stretch the game out on the floor, we realized the cat wanted to play with the dice and walk across the game so that was out. Playing on the table was out too because Bullet wanted to "play" and kept crying. I figured we could sit on the bed and play and Bullet could just cuddle up next to me and he would be happy. WRONG!!! He wanted to play:
Okay, let's see how this game is played

I pick St. James place, let's buy that

Hurry up and roll the dice, I don't have all day

Is daddy cheating?

Do I pay to get outta jail, or should I just try and roll doubles???
I love money

That was a really long game, relaxing with my winnings!!!

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