Bo Regard's Inc. Review

Bo Regard's Inc is a family run corporation that loves all animals just as much as I do. They see "pets" as part of the family, the same way I do and I'm sure the same way many of you do as well. Bo Regard's Inc sent me a fire safety plaque:

I LOVE this plaque! My dogs are like my children, and God forbid there was ever a fire in my home when no one was home I would want the firemen to know that my "furry kids" are in the home!!! My husband is a fireman. When he saw this he said he wished every home had one of these and that it would help him as a fireman to know there were animals in the home when he would arrive on a scene.
The thought of anything happening to my little guys scares me, and I am so grateful to Bo Regard's Inc for making a product that could potentially save my little furry family members. I strongly recommend you get a plaque for yourself, or as a gift to someone who has fur babies :)

I did not receive any financial compensation for this review. I did, however, receive free product for the review. All opinions are mine.

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