Interview with Suzy Hotrod

Suzy Hotrod is a jammer with the Gotham Girls Roller Derby. You can view her bio here.
Suzy Hotrod

How long have u been in roller derby?I joined Gotham Girls Roller Derby in May 2004

What made u get into what u do? How did u get started?I was playing in a band with CC Bullets. She worked with Chassis Crass who started Gotham Girls. At that time there were like 8 girls in the league. If you had a pulse, you were in.

Whats your most memorable moment?When Gotham Girls won it all in 2008. I want to do that again. and then again.

What is your most rewarding moment?Playing roller derby is a daily rewarding experience. Winning a bout feels great, but so does teaching someone to hockey stop.

Tell us something that happened that was the funniest in your career...I think its funny when I slip and fall for no reason. Our practice space sometimes leaks, so it happens a lot. It makes me mad and in turn that makes me laugh.

How is the comradery between the girls?We spend more time with each other than with our husbands and wives. We know how to get shit done and get along. We would not be friends in the outside world without roller derby. I think that's a strong testament to putting the greater cause first. You find friends where you share a common love.

And lastly whats your most embarassing moment?My home team is Queens of Pain, a dominatrix themed team. One time I threw my shoulder out pretty bad swinging a whip during our into. It hurt the rest of the bout.

View Suzy Hotrod's bio here.

Thank you to Suzy Hotrod for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for CRichmanFreebies! Best of luck in the future and in all of your bouts!!!

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