Relax N Wax Review

Relax N Wax offers a product that you are going to LOVE!!! It is called No-Scream Cream. All you do is apply the cream 30-45 minutes before waxing (which is great because you don't have to apply it in the salon) and it makes waxing pain a thing of the past!

I was anxious to try this product when I received it because I HATE having to get anything waxed. Especially in tender areas. I gave the No-Scream Cream a try, and fell in love.
It is easy to use. All you do is apply it where you are going to be getting waxed (do not rub it in like lotion) and once it is thick and white stop applying and let it absorb into your skin itself.
I loved the fact that it wasn't greasy and it didn't get on my clothes. I didn't have to worry about staining etc. That was great, the only part left to test was does it actually work. The answer... YES! And it's safe on all areas of your body so use it wherever you are getting waxed and don't worry because it helps illiminate that pain!!!
I also received the "Get the bump outta here" body treatment (as seen in the middle of the picture) for after waxing and that was great too! I cannot brag enough about these products, all there is to say now is go check it out for yourselves :)

I did not receive any financial compensation for this review. I did recieve free product for the review. All opinions are mine.

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