Seeing Harry Potter on Broadway, at a discount

Guest post written by Kirk Stone

I don't think that it's worth paying full price for things, especially when you're on vacation, if you can get away with it. Well, I do a bit of research before I go on vacation every year to find some really great deals and plan around those if I can. But I only take advantage of deals on things that I would want to do, regardless of our budget and time constraints. I knew that when we started planning our vacation to New York this summer, to make going to a Broadway play a priority.

I spent a good amount of time searching for discounted play tickets and while I was doing that one night I ran across the site After I read through it some, I decided to take some hearing aid tests and after I did, I got fitted with some hearing aids.

We decided to see the How To Succeed play that the Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe is starring in. He really was great and we were really satisfied with what we paid for our seats. That helps to enjoy something just a little bit more.

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