Whats been going on in my house, and Bullet's recovery

It's been a long 2 weeks in my house. It started off that my big dog, Bailey, needed surgery. Since she weighs 160lbs, and by far outweighs me, having her needing assistance getting into bed and up and down steps was quite entertaining! My husband is in Virginia during the week, so it's been tough.
Yes, that was my bed until she took it over :) Needless to say when my husband came home on the weekend I was happy to see him, but even happier that I had someone a bit stronger to help with Bailey. Then sunday comes and my husband heads back to Virginia to continue his fire academy training. Monday hits and Bullet decides he's mad at Bailey, freaks out and falls off the sofa hitting his head on the rocker. I rushed him to the ER vet, and they said he had head trauma (those of you that have been following my blog probably read my post about that). It was a grueling time waiting for results, but in the end they said he was ok.

Then he comes home to recover! Now, I'm ready to have a nervouse breakdown since both my dogs are in pain and recovering. I hate seeing them sad and hurting. Then since Bailey hates the cone on her head, she keeps ramming into things to try to get the cone off. She knocks the trash can over, and Bullet gets into some chocolate. Back to the vet we go with him and he spent the night in the ER to be monitored and they gave him charcoal to get it all out of his stomach. He was on IV's for the night and the day since he was dehydrated (when I got him home he could barely walk and fell over so I rushed him back to the vet and that's what they said it was, dehydration from low electrolytes). After picking him up from the vet and bringing him home the second time, I was a nervous wreck. It was one thing after another, and I felt so bad. I couldnt' blame him though, who doesn't love chocolate??? I couldnt' be mad at Bailey either for knocking the trash can over because who the heck wants a cone on their head???? Needless to say they were both home and recovering.

Bailey wanted rest, and Bullet wanted tummy rubs
All in all, they are both getting better. Bailey's biopsey was negative, so that was great news. Bullet started getting back to himself, and when he was harassing the cat I knew he was feeling better!

Although I was literally thinking I was going to have a nervous breakdown, we all got through it! You can imagine how hard it was on my husband too being in Virginia and not being able to be near them when they were sick :( They are like our babies, and we love them!!!

Healing mastiffs & chihuahuas,


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