Today there are a lot of people getting "work" done to themselves for one reason or another. There are the more commonly heard of procedures such as breast augmentation and tummy tucks but the one I have been hearing about lately is blepharoplasty.
What exactly is blepharoplasty? It is cosmetic eyelid surgery. It improves the appearance of your eyelids by restoring firmness, making you look more rested and refreshed. I have personally never thought about getting this done before, and I was wondering since I have been hearing about it lately if it is something that anyone is considering? Is it the newest popular form of cosmetic surgery? I am not always the first one to stay on top of the trends and what celebrities are doing, but before now I never really heard of this procedure. It is just something that I have been hearing more recently. What are your thoughts? Is this something you have considered, or would ever consider? I am just curious what you're feelings are towards the process. Please feel free to comment and have a beautiful day!

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