Blogging friends

Part of the thing that I love about blogging is the great people that I get to meet along the way. I have made several friends since starting this venture and I'm happy that I get to meet such amazingly nice people. Over the weekend I had the chance to meet Ellen Ross who owns Ask Away a fashion and advice blog with great giveaways! She always has something interesting that she is giving away, be sure to visit her site and see all the goodies that she offers for giveaways to her readers as well as the wonderful advice she gives.

Having met Ellen, I can honestly tell you that she is a wonderful person. She is very nice and down to earth. So if you need advice, please send your advice questions into her. She will surely give you some great advice, and she is very caring with her readers. She has 3 adorable chihuahuas: Grace who is in Ellen's right arm and Stella who is in Ellen's left arm, along with Pixie who I am holding along with my chihuahua Bullet. Being a chihuahua lover I can honestly say that her chi's are very lucky to have her as a mama! She is extremely loving with them and you can rest assure that your advice questions, no matter how personal, will be handled with the same loving care that she show's her pups! She will also keep your advice question (s) anonymous if you prefer.

Bullet likes her too so she's a good person in his book :)  Be sure to check her out and read her blog, enter her giveaways, and submit any advice questions you might have!

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