Halloween Makeup

Halloween is coming and I love seeing everyone dressed up in their creative costumes. There are so many unique characters to be for halloween and the costumes that are my favorite are the ones that are done complete with halloween makeup. I think it completes the look when a person goes all out.
I love the fall, the leaves changing colors, the cool air, and the excitement of children as they go trick or treating looking for the most candy that they can get.
When I was a kid I remember thinking of what I was going to be for Halloween as soon as the fall season started. I wanted to top my friends costumes and I loved when the people handing out the candy would comment on whatever I was that year for halloween.
The best part of halloween is scary movies! Who doesn't love them? I know a lot of people don't but I watch them all year long and wouldnt' mind halloween being more than once a year! When you go out trick or treating this year with your children or grandchildren, be safe!

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