Make $$$ with your old books!!!

Since many of you asked me what survey sites I like and I posted a blog recently about that, I have gotten a lot of feedback from some readers that they like the idea of making money from home. I wanted to share with you another company you can easily use. It's called cash4books and all you do is whatever books you don't want anymore or have recently bought and read and want to sell, cash4books will buy them from you and you print out a shipping label and send it back. They pay for shipping and you get paid for the book when they receive it. It's really simple, it's not something you're going to make money on a lot, but a few dollars here and there when you have a book you are no longer reading is great. I've made about $50 or so and it's super easy. They do not buy all books, but they will let you know if they want the book that you are looking to sell. It's really easy, just enter in the ISBN number on the back of the book and they will tell you what they will give you for the book. If you want to sell it, print out their prepaid shipping label and drop it in the mailbox. That's it! If you want to sell some of your books than start making money below:
 Sell Books Online at

As I find more legitamate programs I will share them with you :)

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