Staying current

Guest post written by my buddy Judy Guerrero

I always read the news and try to follow current issues as closely as I can. I especially ike to read the “crime” sections in newspapers, I think it is because “Law & Order : Special Victims Unit” is my all time favorite show. I was surprised when I read an article the other day that talked about the effectiveness of home alarm systems. They are actually really effective at deterring criminal activity, but I also read some adt security facts that had some other good ideas for deterring criminals. They suggest that you do display the signs in your yard that advertise that you have an alarm system. Putting stickers that show that you have an alarm system on windows and doors is also suppose to be a theft deterrent. One thing that they suggested, that I hadn’t really ever thought about was planting really prickly bushes ( like holly) underneath windows that are easily accessible from ground level. Just doing a few little things around you house like that is really good in addition to an alarm system to help prevent break-ins.

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