Chihuahua attitude in Virginia

My husband got a job in Virginia and is moving us to the Fredericksburg area from New Jersey. Although I'm not quite as bad as the Jerseylicious girls, I do have an attitude straight outta Jersey! Naturally, Bullet does too :) Bullet and I felt like fish out of water at first, as if we were going to be so different that we wouldn't fit in. This was our third week there, and we made some local friends and realized that as long as we are ourselves and are good to others, we get that same love back!
We started feeling a little more comfortable in Virginia, and ventured out to do some shopping. I take Bullet everywhere with me, but was a little concerned when I wanted to go inside the stores. I couldn't believe how nice everyone was to him, wanting to give him treats and hold him. That made my day!!! Everyone is very nice there, and they didn't judge me because I'm from "Jersey". It's beautiful there, away from the hustle and bustle of New Jersey. It's relaxing and I am happy that my husband got a job there, and that I will be living around such nice and wonderful people!
Bullet has started to relax a little too. He went from tough Jersey chihuahua, to a relaxed country dog sitting on a porch swing!

I will forever be a "Jersey Girl" at heart, but if Bullet can curve his "jersey attitude" I think I can keep mine under wraps too :)

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