Holiday Fashion

We all like to look our best at the holidays. Sometimes, if we live far away from family, it is the only time we come together for dinner. I like to dress nice when my family gets together for a holiday dinner.
No matter what size you are, we all like to look and feel good. It does not matter if you wear a petite, regular or pluse size dress. No matter what size you are, you are beautiful.
I love to wear festive colors for special occasions. I like to wear green or red at Christmas and red on Valentines Day. In the fall I like to wear neutral tones like browns and grays. I enjoy dressing up and feeling my best. Wearing a dress that fits properly helps me feel more confident. I especially like picking out a cute pair of shoes to complete the outfit and then coordinate them with my jewelry.
Shopping for dresses is fun. Trying them all on and finding that one dress that is the perfect fit is exciting. What are some of your favorite types of dresses?

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