Debt at the holidays

Every year tons of people put themselves in debt at the holidays buying presents for their loved ones. Once the holidays are over, people find that they spent more money than they wanted to and went overboard with their purchases. Some of those people may have already been in debt before the holidays as well.
With the economy the way it is, there are a lot of people who are financially unstable. Debt collectors might be knocking at their door, or calling them on the phone constantly. A lot of people tell me that they almost feel harassed by all the calls that they get. They understand that they don't have the money to pay, and they would pay if they had the money, but feel as if they are treated as though they are not fulfilling their financial obligations on purpose.
Just because some people have debt, or accounts in collection, doesn't mean that they ran up those bills on purpose. We all come across rough times in life, and with the economy as it is now, I think their are more people facing foreclosure and other actions due to their debt.
Please know that their are debt collection laws that a credit collection agency must follow in order to try to obtain their money in a respective matter. If there is something that doesn't seem right about the way you are being contacted or treated, look into the laws that govern the situation.

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