Those Commercials

Those commercials

Contributed by Milford Woods

I am sure you have seen those commercials for the security systems where the mom and daughter are pulling in to the driveway blissfully unaware that there is a burglar in their very house stealing all of their valuables and rummaging through all of their things. The mom and daughter walk in to the living room and the burglar jumps out the window and takes off running. The mom always looks so scared and the little girl usually hides behind her mother for protection. Silly them, if they had just called San Diego adt security ahead of time probably none of this would have happened! At least if they had an alarm system on their home and someone broke in the police would have been alerted and they could have stayed out of harm’s way and not gone in to the house because they would have been alerted by the monitoring company. These commercials look a little silly to me but if I were to ever be confronted with that situation I would hope that I could keep my composure as well as the mom’s on those commercials do.

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