What Have We Been Up To?

Since hubby got a new job states away, we have been under a lot of pressure to move because the traveling back and forth is just to much on him. With the economy the way it is, we weren't sure if we should even bother to sell our house, or just rent it out. We decided to rent it out, and with our amazement, we rented it in one day! So, in our rush to move, we also had to find a new house to move to!
That being said, with all the packing going on, Bullet is exhausted:

It's so tough watching mommy pack everything!!! I have to make sure she does everything right!

DON'T TOUCH THIS! This does NOT get put away into a box!!

What was that noise??? Something broke, it wasn't me, must have been those damn cats!

I found the culprit!!! It was Misty, I swear.

As you can see, it's been quite hectic around here. 2 dogs, 2 cats, broken things, but yet none of them broke anything :) Must have been a ghost or the wind right? Gotta love them!!! 
In our adventures of packing and throwing things out, Bullet has found toys that he hid and forgot he even had. So we are in the process of cleaning them and donating them to our local shelter for other less fortunate fur babies.
All this work, I need a belly rub!!!

Hugs ~N~ chihuahua kisses,
<3 Bullet

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