Out n about chihuahua style!!!

It has been nice here the past couple of days in Virginia (with the exception of today because it is raining and stormed this morning), so we took it upon ourselves to go out and enjoy the fresh air.
A sheriff's deputy was checking out our other dog Bailey while we were taking this picture, so as you can tell Bullet was thinking "What are you looking at her for, I'm the chihuahua".

We walked around, and Bullet got his usual "aww's and ahh's" and a woman even asked if she could hold him. Given that some of the areas were a little muddy, I told the woman that he might get mud on her white shirt, she said she didn't care and took him in her arms!!! He loved it :)

We came home and watched TV and he was settled in for the night. He is slowly getting used to the new sounds in  a new house, and all the new people around him that he sees on the streets. It's time for us to catch up on some Nancy Grace, so with full bellies, we are laying on the couch :)

Sweet Dreams & Chihuahua Kisses,
Bullet & Colleen


  1. If I had the pleasure of seeing Bullet in person I would have to give him TONS of kisses!

    You know what I love about him so much? His long hair!

    You rarely see long-haired Chihuahuas!


  2. Caren, we must get together some day :)

  3. i had the pleasure, and it was awesome. he looks so happy colleen. cant wait to come visit!


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