Traveling Husband

The Author of this post is Velma Baird

I thought getting married was going to mean always having a partner with you. It hasn't turned out that way for me. I mean emotionally I totally have a partner. I married my best friend and couldn't imagine being with anyone else. I just didn't picture that my husband would take a job that had him traveling more nights out of the week than he is home. So I am married and end up spending all of my weeknights home alone. Cooking for one is not what I pictured when I said "I Do". If I was single, at least I would be going out and going on dates. Being a single married person can be so lonely. In the first year we were married I kept having this reoccurring dream that someone broke into the house while I was sleeping and while my husband was out of town. These dreams really started to interrupt my sleep. I decided to get hom security systems Payson and it has really helped me feel safer. I haven't had that terrible nightmare since I got the system!

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