1,000 Days The Ministry Of Christ book review

1,000 Days The Ministry Of Christ is a book written by Jonathan Falwell and published by Thomas Nelson.
I wasn't sure what to expect, given the title, and was a bit skeptical about reading this book. I don't like anything that's too pushy or tries to influence the reader and their faith, beliefs and or opinions.
The book is more factual than anything, providing a day by day commentary so to say, without trying to sway the readers opinions. It's a book that is not one sided, and is a good read for anyone. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it if you are looking for something to read in the related catagory of religion.
It didn't take me long to read, I would say it was about average. It wasn't a book that I "couldn't put down" but it did keep my interest while reading.

I did not receive any financial compensation for this review. I did, however, receive free product for the review. All opinions are my own.

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