Bullet's Busy Day

Bullet has been quite busy lately! He is a local celebrity here already :) His presence was even requested at the bank when I went to deposit a check! He sure gets around. He loves all the attention and last night he got to meet a new neighbor, a 20 month old little girl who adores him. I was holding him and she went up to him grabbed his paw and shook it and said "Hi". How adorable!!!
Coming back from the bank he was all too excited at how much attention he got, I think it all went to his head, but that's ok because he is adorable.
On our walk (we usually go the same way each time) there is a cat who lives at the house on the corner, right before the beach. When it is nice, the cat is outside, and comes running up to Bullet all excited every time we go past.

Bullet is less than impressed, but of course lets kitty kiss him! Bullet can't be the one giving any affection, he needs to be catered too! Such a huge chihuahua personality on such a little man, but he is my entire world. (Shh, don't tell my husband that haha). There are times when I go to the store or for a walk, grab Bullet and head out. On the way out hubby says" Um, wouldnt' you rather go with me". Ha ha, clearly he is mistaken :)

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