Bullet's Lazy Day

Bullet had a cold lazy day today, it started snowing yesterday, so it was a bit chilly today. Since Bullet hates the snow, it was hard to get him out of bed today:
I got him up finally, and we went about our day. I had errands to run, so when I came back he was waiting for me, happy that I was home. Now as I'm typing this, all he wants to do is cuddle:

I hope you all had a great day, it was a cold lazy day around here, so nothing exciting to post. Off to watch a movie and cuddle the greatest chihuahua ever :)

Sweet Dreams & Chihuahua Kisses!!!


  1. how could you EVER resist that face!!!

    You need to start a second blog devoted just to Bullet!

    1. haha Caren I was thinking the same thing :)


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