Bullet's Valentine Giveaway Winner

There were 507 entries to be Bullet's Valentine. I want to thank you all for sharing your stories, photos, and comments. Here are the photos I received:
This is Tiberius, submitted by Tara O. Look at his cute face :)

Skipper & Schooner submitted by Sharen G. Perfect models :)

Ralphie, a long hair dachshund, was entered by Julie B. How can you resist such a cute face :)

This is Folly, submitted by Wanda M. Nothing like an adorable pup having some fun in the snow :)

This is Dakota, submitted by Caren. Dakota has his own blog that you can visit here. Dakota's blog is filled with "Dakota cuteness" :)

Pixie, submitted by Ellen R. of the fashion and advice blog Ask Away. Pixie is an adorable chihuahua :)

Bear, submitted by Lori. Beautiful picture :)

Now onto the winner:
Congratulations to Bullet's Valentine Lori G:) She has been notified that she is the lucky winner.

I hope you all had as much fun with this giveaway as I did having it. Have a great day!!!

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