Bullet's Been Cranky

Bullet has been a little cranky lately. He is trying to make some furry friends down here, and likes the dogs next door, but they are both boys. We all know he loves the ladies, so he hasn't been too happy lately. In NJ, his favorite little female was Cocoa:
He likes it in Virginia, but is still waiting for Cocoa to visit. He hasn't seen her in months, and I think he is missing her company. She is a little chihuahua, only 4 pounds, and cute as a button. He is always so different with girl dogs than boy dogs, he rough houses with the guys, but when there is a female around he is always "inquisitive". We visited a friend of Paul's here in Virginia and brought Bullet with us. His friend doesn't have any dogs so he didn't have any treats in the house and was desperately searching for a little something he could give to Bullet. He found Cheez-its and Bullet suddenly found a new love for them too. He now recognizes the box, and whenever we have some in the house, he thinks they are for him!
He wasn't very happy when I told him they weren't for him:

"Wtf do you mean I can't have the whole box"???????????????????????

Mr. Cranky Pants would like nothing more than to see Cocoa and have a Cheez-it snack with her. He hasn't figured out yet that she doesn't live in Virginia. I have been searching for a small female dog for him to spend time with here, but so far they are all boys. He doesn't mind playing and making friends, but he sure misses the ladies :)

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