Bullet's Birthday Extravaganza!!!

Bullet's birthday is May 25th, and to celebrate I am going to have a week long  celebration for him here on my blog. Full of fun giveaways, guest doggy posts, pictures, contests and more. If you would like your dog featured in his/her own post for Bullet's birthday, please send me an email at crichmanfreebies@gmail.com
You can write anything you want, just be sure to include a picture of your furry friend along with a link to your blog if you have one. All doggy's welcome :)


  1. Found you in a old blog hop. followed you please follow me back.

  2. I tried to send you an email picture of my two black lab dogs, Harley and Lady, being as this is the first time I have sent a picture with my new macbook I wasn't sure if it went through or now.


  3. we just sent you an email! Dakota said he will gladly pawticipate!


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