Bullet x2!!!

Since moving to Virginia, we have been doing a lot of unpacking, I haven't unpacked everything since we are only renting for the time being. I was going through a box and found a blanket that my husband got for me that has Bullet's picture on it. When we were in NJ, my husband was working in Virginia and would be gone a lot, so me and Bullet would cuddle in our "blanky" and watch tv (usually the Golden Girls, or something scary lol). I washed the blanket, and when I took it out of the dryer, Bullet was extremely excited! I was going to fold it and lay it over the back of the couch, but he was not having it. He wanted to lay on it, and he knew that meant movie time. He's too smart :)
It says Bubby at the bottom because that's what we call him, along with 1,000 other names lol. He answers to all of them. He has a ton of nicknames, where they all came from, I don't know. Off to spend time with my little man while hubby is at work, only decision now is what to watch :)

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