Happy Birthday Bullet from Dakota

Dakota is a handsome boy, and him and his mommy were nice enough to send Bullet a birthday greeting.

Along with a very nice note:

Hi Bullet!  It’s your buddy Dakota and I am honored to stop by and wish you the happiest birthday EVER!!
You know my Mom has a special place in her heart for Chihuahuas. When she was a little girl (of about 7) her best friend had a Chihuahua. Mom and her friend used to dress it up in all sorts of lacey, girly baby clothes and put it in a baby carriage and walk down the street telling everyone to “look at my baby!” Crazy!
When I first moved in with my Mom and Dad my first friend was the Chihuahua that lives across the hall from us. His name is Chico. He is white with black spots and he sort of looks like a little COW!!! When he was a baby Mom and I would laugh when he barked. Want to know why? Well, I’ll tell ya, when he barked he sounded as if he was LAUGHING! Yep! It was sooo funny!
So Mom and I are very partial to Chihuahuas. Me cause I like to play with ‘em, Mom cause she likes to kiss ‘em!!!
Anyway Bullet, I wanted to tell you that I know your Mom loves you more than anything in this whole world! She writes about you with so much pride, she takes the cutest photos of you, I know you make her happier than you could ever imagine!
You are one cute little guy (if I do say so myself!) Mom loves your coloring and your gorgeous “doe” eyes.  I’m a guy so they really don’t do much for me but you know how Moms are!
Well, Bullet, I hope you have the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER full of lots and lots of treats and lots and lots of kisses! I know your Mom will make your day extra special for you!
Hoping that one day you and I can meet and have a good run around the yard together! Wouldn’t that be fun?
We love you!!
Dakota, “Mom “ and Cody too!
Dakota’s Den www.dakotasden.wordpress.com

Dakota has a very nice blog, with handsome pictures of him as well as great giveaways! (and other fun stuff too) Be sure to head on over and check him out :)

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