Beckon book review


Beckon is a book written by Tom Pawlik. Here is the book description:

Some things weren’t meant to be discovered. Three people are each drawn to the small town of Beckon, Wyoming. A young anthropologist researches a Native American legend and makes a terrifying discovery. An ex-cop investigating her cousin’s disappearance finds herself in grave peril. And an aging businessman is lured by the promise of a miracle. One by one they discover the town’s ghastly secret. The only question is . . . will any of them make it out alive?
If you have been following my blog for some time, you know that I love any type of horror/mystery/thriller type of book and/or movie. This book completely fell in line with that! I was excited to receive a copy to review, and was even more excited to read the book.
It is a well written book, without a lot of confusing facts or flashbacks to make the reader wonder what the heck is going on in the story they are reading. It's conscise, and clearly written for the reader to enjoy.
They say don't judge a book by its cover, well in this case that saying doesn't make sense. Not only does this have a neat cover, it's a great book. So you get the best of both worlds and get to kick that saying aside!
It wasn't "weird" like some thriller/mystery sci fi books can be, it was a really interesting book and a great read. I recommend this book to anyone.
I did not receive any financial compensation for this review. I did, however, receive free product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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