Hey guys!!!

Hey guys, Bullet here, just giving you an update on how much my mommy has been slacking lately :)
Mommy has been so overloaded with work lately, and is drowning in it! I, of course try to help her, but I have more important things to do like cuddle and nap. I can't always be helping her!!!

See what I mean? She can't even take a picture by herself, I've GOT TO BE IN IT!!! Anyway, we have been extremely overwhelmed with work and trying to get everything done. I think we are finally getting caught up with it all, and should be back to posting regularly. Not that posting on our blog isn't important, but we gotta get our work done to make that $! Especially since I am constantly in need of treats, clothes, blankies and anything else that I want! Yup, I got mommy wrapped around my paw!
So, with that being said, look for a ton of giveaway this week!!!

Hugs ~N~ Chihuahua Kisses,

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