We got a new house!!!

Moving to the country has been quite an adjustment for me, beings that I am a "jersey girl". We rented a house in a gated community at the beach while we searched for our new home. We were undecided on if we wanted to stay in the development we were renting in, or if we wanted something with a little acreage. We decided on the acreage! Here is our new house:

Built in 1776, it is sure to have a lot of history within its walls. I love older homes, they have so much character. Don't get me wrong, the  more modern homes of today are beautiful with their fancy high ceilings etc. I just like to be different, or to use a jersey term, I just didn't want a "cookie cutter house". Meaning, I didn't want to have the same house as everyone else did. Grant it, each house inside is unique no matter what the make because everyone's style is a little different, but I wanted something with history.
To think that this house was around and stood when the soldiers were fighting the Revolutionary and Civil Wars! The house has been taken down to the studs and "modernized" with stainless steel appliances etc, but still has part of the original chimney, fireplace and wood. The mantel is carved out of the old floor joices and the staircase is made from the floorboards of the original house. The really neat part of this house is that they saved the ORIGINAL front door from 1776, but it's not on the front of the house. Where is it you ask? On the master bedroom! That's right! So unique and beautiful. I am in love with this house, with it's deep history and stunning modern upgrades. There is an addition off the back of the house as well.
I wanted to share with you why my blog has been a little bit scarce in the "updating" department. Bullet hasn't been featured in a while either, and it's because we have been really caught up with the upcoming move and the initial searching for another home. Anyone who has ever done it, knows what a hassle it can be, although exciting at the same time. It's ashame to think that this home once stood vacant for some time, or to hear that a former owner destroyed the original outhouses. But, I am still appreciative of it's strength to stand time.
If only those walls could talk :)

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