Cruel Harvest book review

Cruel Harvest is a book written by Fran Elizabeth Grubb and published by Thomas Nelson publishers. Book description:

"Get out here, now, or I'm gonna kill you!" he hollered.

Little girls are hardwired to hold their daddies in high esteem, so it comes as a shock the first time a daughter feels the back of her daddy's hand across her face . . . or watches him punch and kick her mother to within an inch of her life.

How could this be? Her older sisters teach her how to survive, even when he comes for her in the night.

A girl learns to become invisible, to look the other way, to say nothing when a curious stranger asks if she's okay. To lie. To expect nothing, not even from relatives.

To cry without tears.

To pray silently.

When she is fourteen, and weary, a girl begins to wish she were dead. Cruel Harvest is the compelling story of how she lived instead.

This is a story of strength, and in inspiration not to give up. It gives the reader the knowledge that no matter at what age, you can pull through if you try. We all have had rough times in our lives and things that we needed to get over, after reading this book I felt it was a good match for any reader who is going through a struggle or ever has.
Although this book does have some sadness to it, the whole in itself is inspriational. I am glad that I came across this book, and delighted that I was able to get a copy.

I received no financial compensation for this review. I did, however, receive free product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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