Happy Anniversary to my wonderful hubby!!!

Two years ago today, I married the man who I initially couldn't stand when we first met! Yup that's right, I couldn't stand to be around him haha! I thought he was a complete and total jerk, then something happened. Either I changed, or he did haha. Either way, I'm glad because I totally fell in love with him.
Yesterday we went out to lunch to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary. I can't believe it's been two years ago that we got married, seems like only yesterday, but yet forever ago. Does that make sense???
Anyway, we had a good time. We went to a historic tavern here in Virginia that we had never been to before. It's a beautiful place rich with history.

This is where we ate, it was a buffet style lunch with all southern food. That worked for me! We also had sweet tea with our food, it was all tasty. After lunch we decided to alk around a bit since they have some shops there too. I loved looking at all of their "old" displays to show how things were "back in the day".

The place was extremely romantic!

The gift shop was in an older building on the property as well, and they had some wine tasting, which of course meant I HAD to do that!

All in all it was a fun time and I'm blessed to have such a wonderful husband. I love him! Here are a few more pics of our day out, or should I say our "anniversary outing".
If you're in the Virginia area I would strongly recommend you check out Mitchies Tavern!!! It's a great place and fun for all ages.


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