Litter Getter Review & *Giveaway*

Do you have a cat or cats? Than you'll want to read this! Litter Getter is a product that I have just recently come acrosss, and have had the pleasure of reviewing. Not only was I able to review the product, thanks to the company, one of my readers will also win some product of their own. Now onto the product itself:

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Litter Getter is an all natural herb and plant mixture so you can be sure that it is not harmful to your kitty! This product helps get "headstrong" cats to go back into their litterbox, as well as helps in the training with kittens. In addition to this wonderful product helping your cats with their "messes", it also helps neutralize ammonia-related odor which is a plus!
One of my cats, who is a male, was a rescue from a shelter in NJ. He was neglected and very timid. We brought him into our home and gave him lots of love and he did come out of his shell. Only thing is, he sometimes has "accidents". Not sure if it's if he gets nervous etc, but the vet said there is no health condition causing it. There is no rhyme or reason, and no specific times that he does it.
I was really excited to try this product with him given his "condition". I started to notice a difference in him with using his litterbox. If you, like me, have a cat who has "accidents", you know it is tough to clean. Although I would NEVER "get rid of him" for his accidents, I know that their are some people out their who would for one reason or another. This would be the perfect product for someone who really needs help and doesn't want to give their furry friend to a shelter or another home.

I did not receive any financial compensation for this review. I did, however, receive free product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.
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  1. Hello,
    My daughter has a cat so this would be good for her to put in his litter box.I love your little dog,I'm a sucker for small dogs.My daughter also has 3 dogs and two of them are chihuahua mixed and I just love to cuddle them. LOL!!
    Thank you so much for the cool giveaway! :)

  2. Our one cat is getting older and could use help getting to the litter box.

  3. this would be so welcome in my home...a few weeks ago, someone let a taped up box (in 95 degree heat) in my driveway. when i opened it, there were FIVE kittens...about 10 weeks old! why do people think just dropping unwanted pets off is ok if you take them to the country? *sighs* anyway, most have learned what the little box is about, but i have a couple of holdouts....they can't be re-homed until they use the litter box reliably and we can afford to have them spayed and neutered. meanwhile, the room we've turned into a nursery, STINKS lol

  4. your button is on my blog -

  5. I have three cats and I'm always looking for great liter! Thanks for this giveaway.

  6. Your blog button as well as sharing this blog;

  7. My sister would love this for her cat.

  8. Thank you for the chance! I'd love to have this for my three furbabies, Fuzz, Sissy and Koli.
    Maggie Ann True Armstrong
    maggie at pdclarion dot com

  9. Would love to try this-have a cat staying with me-a bit headstrong:)

    sheilatf52 at yahoo dot com


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