Lost little beagle

Last week as I was driving early in the morning, I found a little beagle wandering down a busy country road with a lot of twists and turns. I noticed there was a collar on the dog so I pulled over hoping to find it's owners. The dog was really sweet jumping in my car and ready for a ride:

There was a collar, but no tag, so I had no way of knowing who to contact to bring this sweetie home. I posted an ad on craigslist and got no response, and looked in lost and found and the pet section on craigslist hoping to find a post for a lost dog that matched her description. I did find one, but it turned out not to be her, just looked a lot like her. I called the police department and the sheriffs department for animal control to see if anyone had reported a lost dog, no luck. I left my name, number and address so they could get a hold of me in case anyone called there looking for their dog. I still heard nothing. After a while, I brought her to the local shelter to see if she was micro-chipped. They scanned her all over, but no luck. I kept hitting dead ends, and I really wanted to find her owners, she was such a sweetie pie on the car ride, trying to climb in my lap and everything! On the way to the shelter, she climbed in the backseat and just enjoyed the ride:

The woman at the shelter checked her teeth and said she is probably about 4-5 years old and is appears to be fixed. I fell in love with her because she is so sweet. The shelter assured me that they would do their best to find her owner, and that if they couldn't she would be put up for adoption. The owner has 12 days from the day I dropped her off to come and get her, or for the shelter to find them on their own. Without her being microchipped or having a collar, she still hasn't been claimed. I was talking to one of the volunteers when I was there, who happened to be my neighbor that I didn't know, and she told me that unfortunately a lot of dogs don't get adopted and end up getting put to sleep. I talked to the lady at the front desk and told her I did not want that to happen, she was too sweet and I wanted her to have a good home. I left my name and number with her and told her if the owner didn't claim her to let me know and I would find a home for her myself. She told me that I would have to pay to "adopt" her if I wanted to do that, I said that's fine. I would rather do that, and find a loving home for her, than to have something happen to her. She doesn't deserve that. This little girl is so sweet and I refuse to let them put her down (not saying they would but if it came to that). I know that there are unfortunate circumstances and overcrowding issues, I may not agree with them, but that is how it is some places. This girl will have a cozy home even if I have to find her one myself! She will have a home for the holidays.
Here's to wishing that all lost and stray dogs find a warm home this upcoming holiday season!

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