Update on the cutie pie beagle

I got a call today from the animal shelter. It was a bitter sweet moment because I really thought that "cutie pie" was going to be coming with us for the holidays (um temporarily, yea that's it haha), anyway, they said that her owner came and claimed her! So although I am extremely happy that she is back home with her family, I can't help but be a little disappointed knowing that she won't be at our house for the holidays. I can't be selfish as I'm sure that her family was missing her, obviously since they went looking for her to find her. I'm glad they did, and I'm sure she is wagging her tail and cozy tonight :) Hubby and I had planned on visiting her tomorrow at the shelter, but she is no longer there! I'm glad that not only did she find "a" home, she found "her" home. I knew that taking her to the shelter was the right thing to do, although it was only temporary, but I wanted her family to be able to find her. I do live out in the country and some of the older people around here or the farmers don't deal a lot with internet, so I'm sure they wouldn't have seen it if they were her owners (my ad on craigslist). In any event, I'll miss her but she's safe at home! When I told my husband he was actually disappointed, he said "it would have been nice to have a beagle in the house" lol. I'm thinking that we'll be "fostering" a dog from the shelter in our new house for the holidays. I have offered to be a volunteer there and come and walk the dogs and give them time outside to play etc. Although I would love to adopt them all, I think that finding that dog that has been at the shelter the longest and "fostering" him/her through the holidays so that Santa can visit and bring them presents is important. No matter what they look like, how shy they might be, there's a lot of love in my house for any animal!

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