Dreams & Visions book review

Dreams and Visions is a book written by Tom Doyle. It's an interesting read and I was glad to have the opportunity to review this book.

Book Description

Jesus appears to be revealing Himself to Muslims through powerful dreams and visions throughout the Islamic world today, and the results are dramatic.

Eleven years ago, Pastor Tom Doyle felt God calling him to leave the pastorate and become a full-time missionary in the Middle East and Central Asia. Through his extensive work in the region, which includes over 80 trips to places like Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, and Turkey, Tom has met and recorded the stories of former Muslims who were first introduced to Jesus through either a dream or a vision that powerfully opened their hearts to become followers of Christ. Though they live in the most dangerous places in the world for people who leave Islam and embrace Christ, their passion for the Savior is contagious and inspirational.

These are never-before-told stories from the front lines of the world of Islam. Through these unexplained supernatural occurrences, more Muslims have become believers in the last ten years than in the last 15 centuries of Islam.

  • Why would God use dreams to reach the Muslim world?
  • Can dreams and visions be trusted?
  • What happens after these people experience a dream or vision?

In Dreams and Visions, Tom Doyle takes the reader deep into the heart of the Middle East to meet believers who have been directly touched by the very hand of God.

This book is very inspirational and speaks volumes. I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in religious beliefs. There are testimonials from Muslims in the book so that the reader can get a different perspective.

I did not receive any financial compensation for this review. I did, however, receive free product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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