Bullet is ready for his close up!

Bullet is a ham for the camera, whenever he sees that your taking pictures he wants to be in them. I guess he realizes he's so handsome haha! We have been busy getting the house ready for Christmas, and although we live in the country now, we have had some of our neighbors over. Despite being hectic and frazzled, Bullet seems to keep it together:

Me, on the other hand, I look a mess and will in no way post a pic of me without makeup. That would only scare you, after all it isn't Halloween lol. Bullet stays cool, calm and collected all he needs is his blanket to cuddle on while I work! Although if I leave the room, he has to get up from his slumber and follow me. Theres never any rest for him I'll tell ya! Oh to be a chihuahua haha.
I hope your Holiday Season has been great so far, Bullet is anxiously awaiting his presents!

Hugs N Chihuahua Kisses!!!

Bullet & Colleen

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