Bullets trip to the vet

Bullet was due for his annual checkup so we made the appt and off we went. He did really good in the waiting room, sitting on my lap, and me holding him. Then they took his weight (he gained 4 ounces haha) and took us back to the room to see the vet.
He waited again, this time a little less patiently:

The vet said he is in good health and he looks good. His teeth are exceptional for a chihuahua his age and she was expecting much worse. Also his ears are very clean and his joints are working well, his heart rate is good and he got his rabies vaccine along with his distemper shot. On the way out we paid and also got him more heartworm pills.
Since he was so good, we went to the drive-thru and got some chicken fingers:

Notice the total lack of patience haha! Anyway, that was our day! I hope you enjoy your weekend, and here is to happy and healthy pups!
Hugs N Chihuahua Kisses!!!
Bullet & Colleen


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