Calipz Necklasp

Press Release for Calipz:

"Avoid Damaged Hair with the New Calipz Necklace Clasp Cover - the Best New Product for Hair in 2013

Calipz is a new fashion accessory that covers a necklace clasp to ensure women with medium-to-long hair will never suffer from having their hair matted in a tangled mess. It’s the first fashion accessory that also is hair care treatment – guarding against damaged hair and knots. Presently available in clear, Calipz is a crowdfund project and it will be available soon in silver and gold, glitter, colors and different sizes. It’s the perfect gift when giving someone of any age with long hair a necklace and is a must-have bridal accessory. "

Photo property of Calipz, used for demonstrative purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.
The Calipz project is being crowdfunded on where the pricing is as follows:
  • $1 “donation”
  • $5 for 1 Calipz
  • $10 for a 3-pack of Calipz
  • $30 for a case (a case contains six 3-packs of Calipz)

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