Chihuahua Travels

Bullet has been very busy lately! Well, actually I've been very busy lately and Bullet tires himself out watching me. Even when I go to get the mail (which is not a distance from our house since it's at the end of the driveway) he wants to come with me! He's a big helper. Here is is navigating:

He also has to ride "shotgun" in the car sometimes to keep the passengers company:

Notice the tired look in his face? He's super busy haha.
Even after all that he still has time to help me with my work:

He's daddy's arlarm clock:

As well as his travel companion:

As you can tell Bullet has many jobs and is super busy throughout the day, but he finds time to cuddle:

What more could I ask for?! :)

Here's to spoiling our furry kids because they provide us unconditional love, even in their "busy" schedules!!!

Hugs N Chihuahua Kisses!
Love, Bullet & Colleen

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