Christmas Month Giveaways!!! And a little bit of Mr. Bullet

We love Christmas here at our house! The entire month is so exciting! We love to decorate and have friends and family over to celebrate. This year, in our new house, we have a cozy wood burning fireplace in our living room to add to the festiveness! When I start decorating, Bullet knows his presents are coming haha. Anyway, this month we will be having a lot of giveaways to help get everyone in the giving Spriti of Christmas. All month long we will have giveaways for you, your friends and even your furry friends! Lot's of fun is in store so stay tuned! This past month has been a little lax on here due to our move and the new house trying to get it all cozy! But I'm settled in and ready to keep the goodies rolling in on here.

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