How Bullet Rolls

Yes, Bullet is the man, he's so cool in fact he doesn't have to walk anywhere!

When we still lived in Jersey, he traveled in style:

He also gets carried around:

When it's time to take a break, he will just park his butt on a lap (preferably someone he knows haha)

And yes that is his stroller, that's how he "rolls" hahaha!

Even when we eat out Bullet has to come with us:

Everyone else got hamburgers at Stewarts, Bullet and I had chicken fingers! We love them!!

Now that we are in Virginia, we haven't been out much with Bullet. It took us a while to figure out where everything was (and we are still learning), then we moved again into our new house so we are still getting settled in.
Here's hoping your little furry friends are in charge of you just as Bullet is in charge of us :)

Hugs -N- Chihuahua Kisses
Love, Bullet & Colleen

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