Cemetery on our property?!?


  1. That is kind of neat. So interesting. Btw,I wish I lived in an old farmhouse!

    I am (or used to be) really into genealogy and have seen some of my ancestor's graves that are either in someone's backyard, or in the middle of a farm field.

    That is really nice of you to want to clear out the brush. Wish I could help you!

    There are websites that list the names/info from headstones in private cemeteries. The Historical Society might do something great with the info so that descendant researchers have access to genealogical info (without bothering you! I'm lucky that my ancestors on my Dad's side are all local and I did my research in person (and with permission).

    I am sorry to hear about the car accidents. Hmmm....that would give me pause also! (and I'm not superstitious either).

    Sorry for rambling on!

  2. that s really freaky. I am like you. You went in and had an accident (thank goodness you are ok) and someone else did? Super freaky. Can't wait to hear what you find out

  3. I'm sure they can transfer the bodies into another cemetary.To me it's kinda creepy if I found out my old farmhouse(so cool) was on a cemetary.I'm not superstitious at all but that's alittle strange.


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