Farmhouse tour!

The main house you see in the still shot of the video above, is what the house used to look like before it was lovingly restored. The video will show you what the outside looks like now. This video was highly requested, enjoy :)


  1. Your farm house is so cool! All that property is beautiful.You're going to have to video everything when you guys start putting up fences and chicken houses so we can see all the fun you're having.Lol!

    1. Thanks Sue! I'll try to keep everyone posted on the craziness here haha!

  2. I just loved this! love to listen to you talk, could listen to you for hours!
    How lucky you are to have such great land, what amazing BBQ's you will have!
    You know what? How about adding a Koi pond or something like that? That would be sooooooo pretty! I saw one on the show Cousins On Call on HGTV and I loved it!
    I agree with Sue, we want to see updates of fencing, the chickens, etc.
    That yard is a lot of work but it will be worth it in the end.
    I LOVE older homes too!
    Does it have air conditioning?

    1. Aw thanks Caren! Yes we do have air conditioning, when the house was remodoled and upgraded, the guy who did it put all modern things in it and really did a great job! He even widdled the staircase out of old floor joices from 1776. If you are ever in Va, feel free to stop by :)


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